Continuation Betting in Texas Hold’em Poker

In a game of Texas Hold’em poker one of the best strategies is continuation betting. If you aren’t familiar with continuation betting it’s an easy skill to learn. Put simply, a continuation bet is a bet that you make on the flop if you raised pre-flop. It is also known as a “c-bet.” This bet can be made whether or not your hand was improved by the flop and is a great way to get other players to fold. It is a great bluffing skill, as well as a way to show the other players that your hand is good when it really is.

It is important to note, however, that the c-bet should not be used carelessly. If you had a good hand pre-flop that was not improved by the flop card then you should not c-bet if you are in a game against a very aggressive player. Aggressive players are likely to call your bet, lessening the chances of you winning the hand. However, if you are playing against tight players the c-bet is a good way to get these players to fold, leaving you to win the pot regardless of what cards you have in your hand.

You should also avoid the continuation bet if another player called or re-raised your raise during the pre-flop. This could indicate that that player also has a strong hand and could beat you in the end.

You can practice continuation betting with a free poker game online, or a low-limit game.

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