Adjusting Your Holdem Strategy for Omaha

More and more Texas Holdem players are giving Omaha a try. However, if you are thinking of switching to Omaha don’t be fooled by the similarities in the two games – the strategy for Omaha is actually quite different than the strategy for Texas Holdem. Read on to learn more.

For starters, In Texas Holdem it is important to make big bets before the flop when you have good cards, like pocket aces or kings. The purpose of betting big pre-flop is to knock out other players so that you can narrow the table down to only one or two others. However, in Omaha big pairs don’t mean much if you don’t have the other cards to back them up. For this reason, many Holdem players find that they hurt themselves by making big bets too early, only to find that their pocket aces or kings aren’t such great hands. Play more cautiously in Omaha near the beginning of the game and only start betting big once more cards are dealt and you see where you stand.

In Omaha you will also have to adjust the way that you play after the flop. You need to find the right combination of passive and aggressive play. For instance, too many players play too passively when they’ve got a straight after the flop because they think another player may get a flush. If you play this way you’ll never win. Betting a little bigger may knock other players out of the hand before they have the opportunity to get a flush, securing your spot as the winner.

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