Poker After Dark back on NBC

There’s not really much going on in the world of poker TV these days – especially since NBC pulled the plug on Poker After Dark towards the end of 2011. However, this all looks to change because Poker After Dark’s producers, Poker PROductions, announced that the show will be back. They did so via the following twitter message:

RT @Kevmath: Good news for poker TV fans: Poker After Dark returns, airing on the NBC Sports Network. More to come soon.

As you can see, Poker PROductions is pretty sure that Poker After Dark will be back, which is definitely good news. Rumor is that 24 episodes will be airing in the future with 18 of these being cash games. The remaining six episodes will be sit and go’s, thus providing some variety in the lineup.

The main thing that’s up in the air right now is when NBC Sports Network will play the Poker After Dark episodes. The shows were filmed in December of 2011, so they are already finished; it’s just a matter of when people will get to see them.

One other big topic worth covering here is whether or not new episodes will be filmed after NBC runs the 24 unseen Poker After Dark episodes. At the moment, there’s no main sponsor for the show because their old sponsor, Full Tilt Poker, is currently defunct. So the long-term future will all depend on PAD’s ability to land a major sponsor.

Assuming the US government ever legalizes and regulates online poker, it wouldn’t be hard at all for PAD to get sponsored. But with the way things are dragging on with online poker legalization, it might be a while before anything like this happens. In any case, it’s just nice to hear that Poker After Dark will be returning for the foreseeable future.

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