Poker Satellite Tournaments: Shoot for the Stars

Satellite tournaments have a lot of appeal among poker players, online and off. A satellite is a poker tournament that allows players to buy in for as little as a few dollars and compete to win a seat in a huge online or land-based tourney with a much more expensive buy-in. Of course, when huge tournaments like the WSOP or World Poker Tour are on the line there can be a massive number of players competing. Therefore, it’s important to bring your top-notch strategy to the table if you want to win.

There are a couple of types of satellite tournaments. The first is the “winner takes all” style tournament, in which only the big winner at the end earns a seat in whichever tournament is up for grabs. Since you want to be the final player it’s important to play aggressively in this style of tournament. Raise and double up frequently to make it to the final table and emerge the champion.

I prefer to play in satellites that offer multiple prize packages. These offer more winners seats in giant tournaments. In these types of tournaments you can afford to play a little safer for starters, while you advance. However, when it comes down to the end you’ll have to step it up and start playing aggressively.

While it can be tough to win satellite tournaments, the prize is totally worth the fight. Come in ready with your best strategy and prepare to shoot for the stars.

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