The Power Of Positivity In Poker

When you get stuck in a bad beat or poker rut it can be difficult to stay positive. However, positivity is one of the most important things if you want to succeed at poker. I have learned over the years that moping and complaining will get you know where. If you aren’t optimistic you have nothing.

Think about the effect negativity has on your game. When you are feeling down, like you have the worst luck in the world it rubs off on everything you do. Your opponents will be able to read your pessimism and take advantage during game play and, as the law of attraction says, negative thoughts bring negative circumstances. The next time you are sitting at the poker table feeling sorry for yourself, do yourself a favor and walk away. Come back when you are feeling more positive and your bankroll will thank you.

If you are feeling negative and can’t stop complaining and placing blame for your losses take a break. Play free poker online until you get back in the swing of things and are feeling better about your game. From experience, I find that when I sit down at the table feeling positive energies I play much better and win much more. Enter game play knowing that you are a strong poker player and you are going to win. When you do this, the right cards seem to come to you.

It may sound cliche, but the right attitude can really pay off. Prepare yourself mentally for that winning streak and you will be far better off.

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