Pros and Cons of Slow Playing

In poker, slow playing can be a very effective strategy. However, it can also be the downfall for many players. For this reason, I thought I’d write a little bit about the pros and cons of this poker strategy.

For those of you who don’t know what slow playing is, it is a strategy in which players play weakly when they have a good hand in order to make the other players think they have only a so-so or weak hand. It is important to note that slow playing should not be used on a regular basis or the other players will catch on. It is best when used following a bout of aggressive playing.

In many situations, slow playing can be a very effective strategy. By simply calling the bets of other players, rather than raising, you can keep players with weak hands in the game longer, getting more action in the pot. This is obviously a good thing.

However, slow playing does have its cons. By keeping weaker players in the game you run the risk of getting burned. An opposing player’s weak hand could turn strong in the Turn or River. If you had raised instead of called in an earlier round this player probably would have folded, but because of your slow playing this player has you beat.

As you can see, slow playing has its pros and cons. However, I find that when used in small doses it can have great results.

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