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Daniel Negreanu rants on Full Tilt Poker

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

To those who follow Daniel Negreanu, it’s pretty clear that he hates two things in life: 1) the Lederer family, and 2) Full Tilt Poker. And lately, Negreanu has been ranting on both of these subjects in-depth through some recent video blogs that he has released.

Now the whole point of the video blogs isn’t to bash Full Tilt Poker because Negreanu also discussed his trip to Sao Paolo, Brazil for the recent LAPT event. However, the videos have gained the most attention for what Negreanu has to say about FTP and the former owners.

In the first blog, which was entitled “VBlog with some Real Talk,” much of the blog was centered on how Jason Somerville came out and said that he was gay. The Canadian was a big supporter of Somerville coming out, and said that he was proud of the New Yorker for admitting he was gay.

Moving on to Full Tilt Poker subject, KidPoker backed up earlier comments he had made about how somebody should take a baseball bat to Howard Lederer’s testicles. Negreanu continued his rant on the former FTP owner by saying that he and the other owners were “scumbags” for not speaking at all about the situation. He finished by saying that Lederer hides out like a “shameful little weasel,” and Full Tilt knew they had no money, yet still took player deposits.

The following week’s video blog contained some more rants on Howard Lederer as well as Chris Ferguson. Negreanu also talked about how Doyle Brunson made a mistake in defending these two in a recent blog post. He went as far as to relate Brunson’s post to the time when Barry Greenstein defended Russ Hamilton after the UB mess.

In any case, it’s nice to have a high-profile pro like Daniel Negreanu ranting against guys like Lederer and Ferguson because of how badly their company mismanaged player funds. Now that we’ve covered all of this, you can see the video blogs below.

Poker Hall of Fame, EPT San Remo Updates

Friday, October 28th, 2011

There are some big updates in the poker world to report dealing with the Poker Hall of Fame and 2011 EPT San Remo tournament.  First off, Barry Greenstein and Linda Johnson were inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame yesterday.

Barry Greenstein was a virtual lock after looking at the nominees, which included Annie Duke, Huck Seed, Tom McEvoy, Jack McClelland, Jennifer Harman-Traniello, John Juanda, Marcel Luske and Scotty Nguyen. Greenstein, who is called the Robin Hood of Poker for his charity work, got into the Hall via his $7.5 million in live tournament cashes and two WPT titles. In addition to this, Greenstein is a regular in the high stakes poker world.

Linda Johnson’s resume includes being a driving force in starting the World Poker Tour, and starting CardPlayer Magazine mostly by herself. She is also a solid poker player with over $342,000 in winnings and a WSOP bracelet – though this played much less of a factor in her Poker Hall of Fame induction.

As for the 2011 EPT San Remo, the tournament was won by an unheralded player by the name of Andrey Pateychuk. The Russian player, who had just $46k in live tournament cashes before this victory, added another €680,000 ($965k) to his poker earnings after beating Dimitar Danchev heads-up.

When the two players were the only ones remaining on the EPT San Remo final table, they decided to split €1.2 million of the leftover prize money, and play for the other €80,000. After a couple of hours of play, the two players were still near-even until Pateychuk went all-in with 6-7 unsuited. Danchev called with 9-T unsuited and flopped top pair with 9’s; unfortunately for him, the next two cards gave Pateychuk a runner-runner straight, and he won the hand.

With very few chips left, Danchev was quickly eliminated, which gave Andrey Pateychuk the victory.

Phil Ivey in WSOP Main Event?

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Back in May, Phil Ivey made a very strong statement that he had no intention of playing in any WSOP events this year. This statement was made along with Ivey expressing his disappointment in Full Tilt Poker over their non-payment of player funds. And it preceded his big $150 million lawsuit against FTP, which was blasted by several pros like Tony G and Mike Matusow.

However, it appears as if Ivey may be changing his tune following the possible sale of Full Tilt Poker to European investors. The news came via Ivey’s friend Barry Greenstein, who talked about the plans in an interview with PokerNews. You can check out Greenstein’s interview right here.

Going back to Ivey, his original statement was that he didn’t want to play in the 2011 WSOP because he said it wasn’t fair if other players could participate – due to their money being locked up in FTP. But weeks later, we saw him opening up to Full Tilt by meeting with the company’s executives in Ireland. It was reported that the meeting involved Ivey and FTP settling over the money he had tied up in the site.

Following this news, the LA Times broke a huge story about FTP working on a deal with the mysterious European investors that are still unknown at this point. And bringing this all to the present, Ivey plans on playing the Main Event as long as the deal gets completed soon.

However, even though the LA Times reported that the deal was already done, we’re still waiting on it to be officially completed. Seeing as how the Main Event starts in a few days, that doesn’t give Ivey much time to finalize his decision on playing in the tournament.

High Stakes Poker sponsored by Gold Strike Poker

Monday, April 25th, 2011

High Stakes Poker has picked up a new sponsor in Gold Strike Poker, which comes on the heels of an announcement that all PokerStars ads and commercials will be removed from the show. This is great news for the show because many feared that HSP would be canceled after the US cracked down on PokerStars. Fortunately, Gold Strike’s sponsorship deal ensures that at least somebody will step in to fill the financial void left by Stars.

Gold Strike Poker is quite an interesting site because it’s one of the few legal US poker rooms operating in the country. Of course, to operate in the US, Gold Strike obviously can’t offer real money games to players. Instead, players pay $19.95 each month, which gives them unlimited play on the site and a chance to win various prizes like vacations and electronics.

As you can see, the Gold Strike sponsorship is a vast change from Stars, which set numerous records for the multi-million dollar real money tournaments they run on a monthly basis (not sure if this will continue). With the major change, it will be interesting to see what direction the show goes in as we move from PokerStars to Gold Strike Poker.

One thing that won’t be changing are the huge pots constantly featured on the show. Barry Greenstein and Julian Movsesian got involved in a $146,000 pot, which Greenstein won after he paired his aces, and Movsesian failed to get any help from the board.

Another huge pot involved Mike Baxter and Haralabos Voulgaris, who played for $168,000; Baxter’s A-Q failed to improve so Voulgaris’ pocket kings held up to win the massive pot. One more big hand was a $179,000 pot between Phil Laak and Bill Perkins. The two chopped the pot when they ran the turn and river twice; Laak’s pocket aces held up the first time, but Perkins hit a flush during the second run.


San Remo Turnout Breaks European Poker Tour Records

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Last weekend, the European Poker Tour San Remo event broke EPT records for the largest turnout ever. 1,240 players showed up in Italy to play poker and experience one of the most exciting international poker events. The large number of players resulted in a whopping €6 million prize pool and the top tournament winner will go home with €1.25 million.

A lot of people had been wondering if the robbery that occurred at the EPT event in Berlin would keep players from coming to other tournaments around Europe. Apparently poker players are not afraid, as this turnout is larger than any EPT event has seen in the past.

What really amazes me is that so many players showed up in Italy despite the Icelandic volcano. Flights throughout Europe have been cancelled as a result of the ash in the sky, yet all these players still make it there. Of course, it wasn’t easy for everyone. Pro poker player Barry Greenstein has a lot of trouble getting there, logging over 40 hours of travel time. Because of flight cancellations he was not able to fly the whole way and had to drive for quite some time. Unfortunately, by the time Greenstein arrived at the tournament almost a fifth of his chips had been eaten up by blinds, as he arrived late.

Other big-name pro poker players competing in the tournament include Bertrand Grospeller, Steve Gross and Jason Mercier.