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$1.5 Million Stolen From Bellagio…In Poker Chips!

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Earlier this week the Bellagio Hotel & Casino was robbed when a gunman walked in and held a craps table at gunpoint. The gunman walked out of the casino with $1.5 million. The problem? He took $1.5 million in poker chips.

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever walked into a store and tried to pay for your groceries or a new pair of shoes with poker chips, but it’s just not the same thing as money at all! Basically, the robber got away with a whole pile of plastic. The chips were valued between $100 and $25,000 and the only way he’s going to get the money is if he actually shows his face in the Bellagio to cash in. If it was smaller-value chips it might be easier for him to sneak in or send in an accomplice to cash in for him. However, it will be a little bit suspicious if someone comes in to cash a pile of $25,000 chips when nobody has been winning that kind of money in the casino all night.

According to Las Vegas police, the robber at the Bellagio is suspected to be the same man who robbed the Suncoast poker room and got away with $20,000 in cash, which is still an impressive sum to steal from a casino. The very idea that he was able to walk out with $1.5 million (even if it was in chips) is impressive enough that a lot of gamblers are calling the heist “Ocean’s 14”. However, only time will tell if the thief will ever see a dollar of his stolen loot.

Phil Laak Crushes Zimbler World Record With 115 Hours Of Poker

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Last year Paul Zimbler set the world record for the most consecutive hours spent playing poker with 78 straight hours of poker. However, this week poker pro Phil Laak, of Unibomber Poker, crushed Zimbler’s record with an unbelievable 115 hours of poker!

Phil Laak’s record-breaking poker challenge took place at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Laak was playing a $10/$20 cash poker game. Six hours before Laak’s 115-hour poker marathon concluded he was up $4000 and by the end of his Guinness World Record-winning game he was up $6,766! Laak also manages to lose five pounds over the course of his poker marathon. He wrote on Twitter, “Wow – my weight was 182 – first time in 12 yrs it has been below 185!”

A blog linked to from the Unibomber Poker website had this interesting tidbit to say about the 4.8 day poker marathon:

“Professional baseball teams can play a full series against each other in four days. Folks with day job can complete 80% of their work weeks in four days. And a driver in an automobile can go from Los Angeles to New York and back again in four days. Now imagine doing any of those things without sleep – and you’ve got an idea of where Phil is right now.”

The 115 hours that Paul Laak played in 4.8 days was the same amount he would have played in almost three traditional work weeks! At the end of his marathon, Laak tweeted, “115 hours late…Bedtime…ahhhh!” He was surely tired, but it must have been worth it!