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Bilzerian adds G4 Jet to Bicycle Prop Bet

Saturday, March 26th, 2016

dan-bilzerian-bikeNot long ago, Dan Bilzerian made a monster prop bet on his ability to bicycle from L.A. to Las Vegas. And as we covered, Bilzerian bet $600k against Bill Perkins’ matching sum that he can complete the journey in less than 48 hours. Now, it appears that the pot is sweetened since celebutant Rick Salomon has wagered $250,000 against Bilzerian’s G4 jet. Here’s a tweet from the latter:

“Just bet Rick my G4 vs his 250k. If I die or get brain dead he wins, if I bike 300miles, I win, almost a mil on line”

Kind of a morbid prop bet, however, one that adds to the lore of the entire event. Interestingly enough, Perkins offered the wager to Salomon first, who turned it down. Maybe Bilzerian should have turned it down as well because he professed to having spent less than 20 hours on a bike prior to training for this bet.

“Blitz” enlisted the help of famed cyclist Lance Armstrong to improve his training. But will even this be enough when one considers the steep climb from L.A. to Vegas? Here’s another quote from Bilzerian:

“Nobody does this. From LA to Vegas I have a 13,000-foot climb — which is [almost] half of Mount Everest — but I wanted a challenge.”

Perhaps the fact that he made it through Navy SEAL training twice encouraged him to take on such a difficult prop bet. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Blitz is all-in on this wager, and he only has one more week of solid training. Can he finish the 300-mile trek up mountainous terrain in less than 48 hours? Win or lose, you’ll be sure to hear the results here at ThePokerPractice next week.

Antonio Esfandiari pees at Table – Disqualified from PCA Main Event

Monday, January 11th, 2016

antonio-esfandiari-lunge-prop-betAntonio Esfandiari has had a storied poker career that’s seen him rack up $26.5 million in tournament winnings. However, the 2016 PCA Main Event certainly won’t add to his storied career since he was disqualified for peeing at the table.

“The Magician” peed in a bottle under the table, which drew the ire of the tournament staff. PCA officials quickly gave Esfandiari the boot for a “breach of etiquette.”

Afterward, Antonio was totally understanding of their decision when discussing the situation with PokerNews’ Sarah Herring. And he says that the whole matter stems from a “lunge” prop bet that he made with millionaire hedge-fund manager Bill Perkins.

“I was thinking about what I was going to do to win this bet,” Esfandiari said. “When looking back, I realize that I didn’t look at the bigger picture and I definitely made a mistake…and I don’t want to talk specifically about what I did but my actions were totally out of line. and unacceptable.”

Esfandiari would go on to say that he originally thought his actions (peeing in a bottle) would be humorous, but that’s not the way everybody saw it.

As for the bet, The Magician was required to lunge everywhere he went for 48 hours. After so long, his legs became extremely sore and he was looking for ways to cut down on his walking (lunging) time. This is where the idea to urinate in a bottle came from because he didn’t want to walk to the bathroom.

There’s no word on exactly how much money was on the line in Esandiari’s prop bet with Perkins. But it must have been a significant amount for Esfandiari to decide that it was worth peeing in a bottle at a live poker tournament.

Antonio Esfandiari: Broke, Starving in Airport after buying out of No Sex Bet

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

These days, it seems like Antonio Esfandiari just can’t stay out of the poker news. Whether he’s doing his Strip Magic show for Ultimate Poker or entering into a no sex prop bet with Bill Perkins, Esfandiari is all across the headlines.

Speaking of the latter, “The Magician” recently gave some intimate details on the no sex prop bet. As he told PokerStategy, the Big One for One Drop winner has already bought out of the $500k wager. Esfandiari made the bet when he was drunk, but decided against it after doing some deep thinking. Here’s an excerpt on what he said:

I wasn’t even worried about it. Then the next couple days I spent doing a little bit of research and calling my other friends who I know had done it, and I realised that, as much as I thought I could do it, it was something that I didn’t want to do. As a man, what is my purpose of being here? To put one of those things, one of the most important things, on the shelf for a year was going to be really tough.

Esfandiari never said how much he paid to get out of the bet. But it must have been quite a bit since he recently found himself at the Las Vegas airport, broke and starving. Below you can see what the famed poker pro tweeted on the matter:

I kid u not I found myself at LV airport right now w ZERO cash and no CC – and starving – what did I do ?!? Walked around until I found a…Poker fan n asked him to borrow 30$ He could not believe it !! Now I get to eat and he will be paid back in spades TY

We imagine that this was all really just an oversight on Esfandiari’s part, or he just wanted something challenging to do like seeing if somebody would give him food money. After all, he’s less than two years removed from his $18.35 million payday for winning the One Drop tourney. And we can’t imagine the less-than-$500k payout that he gave Perkins would leave him begging at airports for food. But it’s still kind of a funny coincidence.

Vanessa Selbst discusses Link between Poker Players and Investors

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Thanks to the fact that she’s the women’s all-time leader in poker tournament winnings with $8 million and has a Yale Law School degree, Vanessa Selbst gets a lot of mainstream attention. So it was little surprise when Bloomberg TV interviewed her in a segment dedicated to the link between poker players and investors.

The reason for the sudden interest in poker on Bloomberg’s part is due to their new show, Poker Night on Wall Street. Rather than having pros compete against each other, this TV show pits successful hedge fund managers like Bill Perkins and David Einhorn against each other.

When asked why she thought these Wall Street guys could be good at poker, Selbst said, “Absolutely, there’s so many similarities, cross-overs between the two industries. You’re taking calculated risks, processing a world of information that’s at your disposal.”

Selbst also discussed how the math aspect of poker favors investors. “It’s a game of numbers, it’s a game of pushing small edges,” she said. “Another skill that is important is to take the downswings, and not go on tilt as we say, and really be OK with losing for a long time in a row. You know, just like investments that were maybe a good idea at the time, and they just went the wrong way.”

Moving away from the investors, the two-time WSOP poker champ also had some advice on what the average player does wrong. “I would say that they don’t play their hands aggressively enough. They kind of get scared that they don’t have the best hand, so they don’t capitalize – they don’t maximize their gains when they have the best hand.” She added that players really need to go after it when they think that they’ve got the top hand.

Vanessa Selbst has certainly never been afraid to go after a pot when she thinks that she’s in the lead. And the $8 million-plus that she’s earned certainly indicates this fact. Seeing as how Selbst has collected over $2.4 million in tournaments this year, you can count on seeing her in the winner’s circle plenty more in the future.