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Cole South calls Bullsh*t on 2009 Hand-sharing Scandal against Isildur1

Friday, February 20th, 2015

cole-south-pokerDespite appearances on Poker After Dark and winning millions of dollars in online poker, Cole South is best known by some as the guy who allegedly shared hand histories with Brian Townsend and Brian Hastings, helping the latter win $4.18 million off Viktor “Ilsudur1” Blom in a single session.

South and Townsend were eventually suspended by Full Tilt and lost their “Red Pro” status for 30 days in 2009. And it was basically taken for fact that they were cheaters hell-bent on doing anything to beat Isildur1, who, at the time, was crushing the high stakes online poker world. But five years later, Cole South has a message to deliver about the ordeal: “It’s bullshit.”

As South explained on a recent podcast episode with ChicagoJoey, a large reason why so many people readily believe that he and Townsend shared hand histories with Hastings is due to an ESPN article by Gary Wise. The latter wrote for ESPN from 2007 to ’12 and, according to South, reported that the three players “merged their hand histories into one database” in order to create an effective strategy against Blom. South continues by saying this “absolutely never happened,” and he neither sent nor received any hand histories as alleged.

What did happen is that Townsend bought hand histories from PTR – a very different story because these don’t offer mucked hole cards like those seen from a player’s own experience. South adds that Townsend merely offered some general tips to Hastings for playing against Blom based on his experiences and the hand histories.

South concludes that the whole perception that he, Hastings and South were wildly emailing hand histories back and forth is ridiculous. He also adds that Full Tilt did not want these Red Pros discussing the matter on forums, meaning they never got a solid chance to defend themselves. You can listen to the whole thing below, and the hand-sharing talk starts a little after the 49:00 mark.

US Online Poker Pros in Canada

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Ever since Black Friday (April 15th), major US online poker pros have been pondering a move to Canada since they can no longer play at some of the biggest poker sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt (although nobody can play at FT anymore). And some pros are starting to act on these thoughts, including Cole South and Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond.

South was the first of the US online poker pros to make the jump to Canada in late May. He was involved in a session with the mysterious “Esvedra” who’s been rumored to be Canadian billionaire Guy Laliberte. During the session, Cole South won over $200k, which is pretty good for somebody who’s struggled over the past couple of years after dropping $6 million.

Moving past South, Phil Galfond is the latest person to make the jump to Canada since he’s been seen on PokerStars. Interestingly enough, Galfond didn’t play as high of stakes as he normally does; instead, he was found on the $25/$50 NLHE and PLO tables. Unfortunately, the return to online poker hasn’t been totally successful for Galfond since he’s lost $20k, but he didn’t seem too shaken up after tweeting, “After 3 months off of online poker, I’d forgotten about downswings. Oh well. Still happy to be playing. I love the game.”

One last person worth discussing in regards to the US online poker pros moving north includes Dan “Jungleman12” Cates. However, there’s a twist in Cates’ story since he was prevented from actually getting into Canada. The reason why is because he didn’t have a VISA, which is a must for self-employed foreigners in Canada. At this point, Cates is still waiting in Seattle until he can get into Canada.