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Dan Bilzerian Discusses Poker with Graham Bensinger

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

dan-bilzerian-graham-bensingerDan Bilzerian remains one of the most fascinating subjects in high stakes poker. And Bilzerian recently opened out about his high stakes play during an interview with sports reporter Graham Bensinger.

The King of Instagram discussed everything from his strategy of playing the richest people to how he once won $12.8 million from an opponent.

“That was kind of my thing about poker,” said Bilzerian. “I never want to be the best poker player. I just want to play against super rich guys that weren’t very good.

“I didn’t mind people thinking I was a rich trust fund kid. That helped me get into really good games.”

Bilzerian on Winning $12.8 Million

dan-bilzerian-graham-bensinger-1“I’ll never forget it because I was sitting there with like over $18 million because I had bought in with some money.”

Bilzerian added, “At any given point, this guy, he’s a maniac, he’s a billionaire, at any point if this guy says all-in I’ve got to make a decision for $18 million.”

He went on to say that it was “one of the most stressful situations” he’d ever been in and caused him to lose some hair. But it was worth it in the end because Bilzerian made $12.8 million over several sessions.

Bilzerian Tries not to Think about “Losing a Mansion in Bel Air”

Dan Bilzerian plays for some unusual stakes against his rich friends. And this brought up a very unique subject when he was speaking to Bensinger.

“You try not to think like ‘Oh I just lost a mansion in Bel Air … oh, you just beat me for a Bugatti or Ferrari. You try not to think about it in terms of real money.”

He was referring to the same billionaire, who liked to bet in terms of mansions, cars, and other luxury items.

The interview clip is quite interesting, and you can see the whole thing below.

Dan Bilzerian Compares Bitcoin Investment to Betting on Super Bowl

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

dan-bilzerian-bitcoinBitcoin has experienced a big increase in value lately, rising to $2,500 per unit this month. And poker pro Dan Bilzerian was attracted to this growth, recently investing lots of money into the market.

As reported by, Bilzerian sent this message to his 22 million Instagram followers:

“just bought a sh*tload of bitcoin. It’s so crazy watching that sh*t f**king go up it’s like, betting a bunch of money on the Super Bowl.”

The site reported that countless other investors are jumping aboard the Bitcoin train thanks to its incredible growth.

And many mainstream outlets are reporting on the matter too. Here’s an excerpt from that explains this phenomenon:

“Bitcoin can be seen on television as news broadcasts such as Fox, NBC, and CNBC are reporting on the subject regularly. Additionally, the decentralized currency is being featured in editorial publications such as Market Watch, Time Magazine, Forbes, Business Insider, Bloomberg, and the New York Times.

For instance, on May 26 the investment news outlet Market Watch headline reads; ‘Wall Street laughed at a call for bitcoin at $25,000 — but after a 400% surge, the laughter is fading.'”

dan-bilzerianUnfortunately, Bilzerian and others aren’t laughing either after Bitcoin experienced a significant drop within the past few days.

It hit a peak of $2,800 during this week, only to plunge to $2,000 after a market correction.

Before the correction, Bilzerian ironically wrote, “If that’s not a sign of a bubble idk what is lol.”

Perhaps Bilzerian would’ve been better off wagering on the Super Bowl like he joked. Of course, this isn’t to say that he’s screwed on the investment.

Bitcoin has already recovered to $2,291 – a little more than $200 per unit off what Bilzerian originally paid. And this cryptocurrency has always proven to be a swingy venture that, in the end, continues increasing in value.

The good news for “Blitz” is that he can afford the drop-off. According to, he’s worth $150 million. There’s no indication on how much of this he has wrapped up in Bitcoin.

Dan Bilzerian rattled by Bomb Arrest

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

dani-bilzerian-partyingNot long ago, poker player Dan Bilzerian was arrested at LAX on bomb charges. The arrest was made on an out-of-state warrant from Nevada after he was accused of having bomb-making materials.

At first glance, it seems like this is just another day in the crazy life of Bilzerian. But according to People Magazine, the “King of Instagram” might be a little more rattled over the matter than meets the eye. As claimed by an unnamed friend, Bilzerian is “distressed” over the charges. The buddy added, “This is so out of character for him. He just wants to put it behind him.”

The explosives case isn’t the only legal matter that Bilzerian is dealing with. He’s also facing assault charges for kicking a woman in the face at Miami’s Liv nightclub. Gossip sites have been distributing a murky clip that shows a muscular man kicking a woman in the face. However, Bilzerian has already hired a lawyer and claims to be innocent in the matter.

Bilzerian told People, “Trashy gossip websites that don’t fact check. The allegations being made about me are absolutely false. I look forward to shedding light on what happened through proper channels.”

The unnamed friend also spoke on this matter, claiming that Bilzerian doesn’t believe in violence against women. “He has never condoned any sort of violence towards women,” the friend said. “That’s just not what he’s about. Sure, he has sexual relationships with women, but he is all about respecting women. The entire thing seems very, very suspect. I think that because of Dan’s public lifestyle, he’s a target for this type of thing.”

With over 5 million followers on both Facebook and Twitter, Bilzerian is one of the biggest social-media celebrities in the world. He’s also gained considerable fame for allegedly making $50 million in high stakes poker. But lately, all he’s been making waves for is his legal trouble.

Waka Flocka dubs Dan Bilzerian the “New Hugh Hefner”

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Dan Bilzerian continues to fascinate the world, and All In Magazine is capitalizing on this fascination with a series of interviews with “Blitz.” They’ve now released two parts to the series, with the second just recently coming available.

In this segment, Bilzerian starts out by discussing the now-famous staking deal with Jay Farber, where he fronted $2k of Farber’s $10k WSOP Main Event buy-in. As some know, Farber went on to finish second in the 2013 Main Event, which earned him $5.2 million and Bilzerian a $1 million cut of this.

The two have since become friends, hence the second part of the video, where they race sports cars against each other. Blitz ends up winning by just a few tenths of a second, narrowly beating Farber and some other people.

Perhaps the best part of All In’s video is when Bilzerian heads to a DJ Steve Aoki concert. Accompanying Aoki are hip hop legends like Flavor Flav and Coolio along with current star Waka Flocka Flame. The latter provides the most interesting quote of the video when he says, “That muthf**ka (Bilzerian)…is the new Hugh Hefner.”

This probably couldn’t be truer when you consider all of the crazy and exciting things that Bilzerian’s been doing lately. From hosting Playboy and Hustler shoots on his yacht to showing off his massive gun collection, Blitz never ceases to entertain people. Add in the fact that he claims to have won $50 million playing in high stakes poker games, and you can see why poker players follow his Instagram account. Now, here’s a look at the aforementioned All In Magazine interview: