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Tom Middleton wins EPT Barcelona and €942k

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

After leading the 2013 EPT Barcelona Main Event since Day 3, Tom Middleton capped off his strong run by winning this tourney along with €942,000.

EPT Barcelona, which began with 1,243 runners, featured a large number of prominent pros. But despite this fact, the 8-player final table was largely full of unknowns looking for their first truly big score. Middleton and his heads-up opponent, Kimmo Kurko, were the only players with any sizable poker accomplishments before this event.

Kurko, who had over $1 million in winnings prior to this tourney, worked out a deal with Middleton before they started playing heads-up. With both players about even in chips, they agreed that the winner would take home €942,000 (instead of €1,067,000), and second place would receive €750,000 (rather than €625,000). The idea here was to reduce variance and make sure that the payouts were more equal.

Once a deal was established, the players battled back and forth for quite some time; however, Middleton started pulling out to a big lead. On the final hand, Kurko shoved his chips in preflop with A-4(o) on a 4-bet, and Middleton called and flipped over pocket 5’s. The board failed to help either player, which was to Middleton’s benefit as he won his first EPT title.

Thanks to the massive payout he just received, the Brit now has $2,222,102 in live poker tournament winnings. Besides winning EPT Barcelona, Middleton won the 2012 Fallsview Poker Classic ($304,980) and a 2012 Aussie Millions side event ($86,702). He also took third in a 2011 WSOP $2,500 NLHE tourney ($305,015).

2013 EPT Barcelona Main Event Final Table Results

1st. Tom Middleton (UK) – €942,000
2nd. Kimmo Kurko (Finland) – €750,000
3rd. Kresten Nielsen (Denmark) – €440,500
4th. Luca Fiorini (Italy) – €328,000
5th. Pasi Sormunen (Finland) – €253,000
6th. Benoit Gury (France) – €188,000
7th. Eduard Bhaggoe (Netherlands) – €143,000
8th. Andreas Christoforou (Cyprus) – €102,430

Konstantin Puchkov and the Unheralded WSOP Record

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

It’s now been a couple of weeks since Antonio Esfandiari won the Big One for One Drop, and people are still talking about this impressive win. It’s for good reason too because he set a record for the largest poker tournament cash in history with $18,346,673.

Unfortunately, it appears as if Esfandiari’s record has overshadowed the accomplishments of others during the 2012 WSOP, such as Konstantin Puchkov and his recent record. The Russian set the record for most WSOP cashes in a single year with 11. Considering that there were 61 tournaments in the 2012 WSOP and Puchkov probably only had time to play half of them, this is no doubt a very impressive mark!

Out of these 11 WSOP cashes, he made two final tables in the Event #37 8-Game (6th, $41,844) and the Event #46 Limit Hold’em (9th, $49,245) tournaments; the latter represented his biggest cash of the year. Keeping this in mind, it’s no wonder why the Moscow native hasn’t set the poker world on fire with his incredible accomplishment. However, the amount of money isn’t what’s important here, but rather how consistently well he did against the top poker pros in the world.

As for his career, Puchkov has managed to amass $1,666,596 in live tournament winnings. His best year from a money perspective is when he collected $792k on the felt during 2010. Much of his money came from finishing third in the 2010 EPT Barcelona Main Event ($410k) and winning a WSOP $1,500 H.O.R.S.E. tournament ($257k).

Away from the tables, Konstantin Puchkov trains horses around the Moscow area. What’s funny is that Puchkov names his horses after poker terms, and even commented that he loves the game of H.O.R.S.E. because of his first career. With all the money he’s been winning in poker, the Russian will no doubt have a lot more hay to feed his horses with.