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Jesse Sylvia – 2012 Main Event Leader

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

A few days ago, we discussed how the 2012 WSOP Main Event final table has officially been decided. Furthermore, little known Jesse Sylvia currently leads this group with 43,875,000 chips, which puts him in the best position to win the $8.5 million first place prize. Taking this fact into account, it’s no wonder why much of the poker community is currently interested in Sylvia. We’re also pretty interested in him, which is why we’ve discussed the current 2012 Main Event leader below.

Strange Origins

Most people spend their lives trying to get a place on Martha’s Vineyard island in Massachusetts. However, Sylvia moved away from the beautiful vacation spot in order to further his poker career.

The Tisbury, Massachusetts native spent his high school days waiting tables and playing online poker on Martha’s Vineyard. Some time after graduation, Sylvia chose to move to Las Vegas because he wanted a better live poker scene. Following his move to Sin City, Sylvia has made a good living through live cash games.

First Poker Tournament Success

While Jesse Sylvia has no doubt proven himself in the mid-stakes cash games in Las Vegas, he’s just now coming into some poker tournament success. Before bolting into the Main Event final table lead, his largest cash of $15,078 came in a 2008 Mega Stack Series side event. He also took 175th in a 2011 WSOP NLHE tourney, which earned him $2,954.

The average grinder wouldn’t mind either of these cashes; however, it’s hardly enough to make one a poker star. But a Main Event title… that’s definitely a different circumstance. Of course, we may be getting ahead of ourselves here because Sylvia still has to win the WSOP Main Event, which has proven to be a tall order for chip leaders in the past. But Sylvia no doubt has the experience and skills to win if he runs good.

Closer Look at 2012 WSOP Main Event Final Table

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

The 2012 WSOP Main Event final table is set now that there are only nine players remaining in the tournament. These lucky rounders made it through a brutal tourney that began with 6,598 entrants, and everybody is guaranteed to collect at least $754,798.

Of course, nobody is thinking about the ninth place prize since all eyes are on the top payout of $8.5 million. At this point, chip leader Jesse Sylvia has the best chance of winning the $8.5m, and you can take a closer look at him along with the other competitors below.

2012 WSOP Main Event Final Table Bios

Nobody at this year’s final table is a huge name, but there are plenty of well-established grinders and professionals. That said, the following players should make for an interesting couple days in late October, when the final table resumes play:

Jesse Sylvia, 43,875,000 chips – Before storming onto the final table with the chip lead, Sylvia was largely unknown outside of the Vegas mid-stakes cash games scene. Excluding the Main Event, he has just under $24k in live tournament cashes.

Andras Koroknai, 29,375,000 chips – The only non-American on this final table, Koroknai primarily makes his living through online poker games. However, the Hungarian did have a huge victory at the 2010 LA Poker Classic Main Event ($1,788,040).

Greg Merson, 28,725,000 chips – Merson is a skilled online cash games pro who really busted out this year after winning the 2012 WSOP Event #57 NLHE tournament along with $1,136,197.

Russell Thomas, 24,800,000 chips – An actuary by trade, Thomas also dedicates plenty of time to the poker tables and has $126,796 in live tournament cashes.

Steven Gee, 16,860,000 chips – At 57 years old, Gee is by far the oldest player at this final table. He makes a living through live cash games in California and won a bracelet in a 2010 WSOP $1k NLHE tournament ($472,479).

Michael Esposito, 16,260,000 chips – Esposito is another amateur and his full-time job revolves around commodity trading. He does have a nice poker resume though with $172,806 in live tourney cashes.

Robert Salaburu, 15,155,000 chips – Prior to Black Friday, Salaburu made his living by playing online tournaments and cash games. He has 10 live tournament min-cashes too.

Jacob Balsiger, 13,115,000 chips – An amateur poker player/Arizona State University student, Balsiger seems to have the least experience on this final table.

Jeremy Ausmus, 9,805,000 chips – Ausmus is another Las Vegas cash pro who’s venturing into the live tournament arena more these days. He cashed an incredible nine times during the 2012 WSOP.