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Men Crash WSOP $1000 Ladies Tournament

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Around half a dozen men registered for this year’s WSOP $1,000 Ladies Tournament. It’s not the first time that men have tried to get in on women’s poker events, but this time officials and tournament players expressed their anger. WSOP officials even threatened to ban the men who registered for the event, which is traditionally reserved for women.

The Director of Communications for the World Series of Poker said that, “We will have our repercussions against any man that entered the ladies tournament. There are consequences for actions, and they’ll pay the price. Players with no class can have their services refused at any time.”

Men trying to enter women’s poker tournaments brings up a lot of questions. For starters, is it fair to have women’s only tournaments? After all, poker is not a sport in which women have a physical or mental disadvantage. Everyone is on the same field. There aren’t men’s poker events in the WSOP that deny women, so why should women get their own event? However, many male poker players take things to far, entering women’s events just to ridicule women. Shaun Deeb, for instance, dressed in drag at a women’s only event.

Women are the minority in poker, and an exclusive event can serve as a nice break from all the men in the poker world. However, many men don’t see the point and want to ruin things for the women. In any case, it should be interesting to see whether anything will happen to the men who tried to enter the event.