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Hot Model Lily Kiletto just misses WPT History

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

While female poker players have definitely cracked the male-dominated barrier in WSOP events – having collectively won lots of gold bracelets – they’ve yet to do the same in the World Poker Tour. In fact, women haven’t won an open WPT tournament of any kind since the organization began operating in 2002.

Lily Kiletto was recently trying to change this bit of history at the 2013 WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open. Kiletto was already turning heads because she’s a stunning, hot, exotic model; the fact that she was chasing a major poker title just gave red-blooded males even more reason to gawk at her.

The dark-skinned beauty began the Lucky Hearts Open final table with the shortest stack (860k chips). However, she made some gutsy calls, built her stack, and survived until a heads-up match with Matt Giannetti. The latter took the fun out of things after cruising to victory and adding $298,304 to his impressive total of $4,265,072 in career winnings.

As for Kiletto, she collected the tidy sum of $191,180 after finishing runner-up and brought her career earnings to $212,169. In all, the 30-year-old has $212,180 in live poker tournament winnings and put herself on the poker map.

The second place Lucky Hearts Open finish may not be enough to land Kiletto a major sponsorship deal. But after giving herself a huge bankroll boost, it’s likely that we’ll continue seeing the model/fashion designer in plenty more future tourneys.

This is especially true since she had already been playing in poker tournaments on her own since 2011. Kiletto had racked up 11 tourney cashes prior to the big Lucky Hearts runner-up effort. So it appears as if she has a solid knowledge of the game and could continue her success in the future.

Who will win 2011 WSOP?

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Since there’s a long, boring wait until the November Nine meets to decide the 2011 WSOP Man Event champion, it’s worth taking some time to debate who will win the title. The first thing that sticks out about this year’s competition is how balanced the chip counts are heading into the final table (at least compared to previous years).

Martin Staszko leads all players with over 40 million chips, while Sam Holden is the short stack with just over 12 million. Now this might seem like quite a disparity, but considering how Jonathan Duhamel had 66 million chips compared to ninth place Jason Sentl’s 7.6 million chips in 2010, the 2011 gap isn’t so big. In any case, it looks like everybody has a shot at this point.

Getting into more details about the individual who will win, Bodog places 2011 November odds as follows:

Martin Staszko (40,175,000) – 4/1
Eoghan O’dea (33,925,000) – 9/2
Matt Giannetti (24,750,000) – 13/2
Phil Collins (23,875,000) – 13/2
Ben Lamb (20,875,000) – 7/1
Badih Bounahra (19,700,000) – 9/1
Pius Heinz (16,425,000) – 11/1
Anton Makievskyi (13,825,000) – 12/1
Samuel Holden (12,375,000) – 16/1

Basically, the odds don’t really predict much because they fall in line with each person’s chip count. However, you do have to consider that Staszko figures to hold the best chance since he’s got the chip lead, and has been a full-time pro for around a year now. Likewise, O’Dea is also a strong bet to win it all because he has plenty of live tournament experience, and isn’t far behind Staszko in chips.

The one wild card definitely has to be Ben Lamb because he’s running hotter than anybody in this year’s WSOP. In fact, Lamb is in the driver’s seat to win the 2011 WSOP Player of the Year, and has the most live tournament experience too. Both Phil Collins and Matt Giannetti are certainly strong bets to make a title run because they’ve won millions of dollars online, and are in the middle of the pack in terms of chips.

But even with all of this being said, it’s going to be extremely tough to pick a clear favorite from this group.