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Ultimate Poker Long Gone, But Players continue giving Charity

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

ultimate-poker-players-charityIt seems like forever ago that Ultimate Poker closed their operation in Nevada…actually it was less than three weeks ago. But in any case, this failure took some wind out of the sails of US online poker proponents. After all, Ultimate was the first legal US site, opening in April 2013.

Unfortunately nothing can be done to help UP, but some of its former players are doing something to help the less fortunate. A charitable movement started a couple weeks ago when writer Marco Valerio found that he would receive a check for $0.18 upon cashing out. Seeing as how you can’t get a 12-ounce can of soda for this amount, he tweeted the following:

Looks like a lot of Nevadans are getting Ultimate Poker checks for tiny amounts. Is anyone interested in pooling them & donating to charity?

Since this tweet, Valerio has received a fairly large amount of support from Nevadans. $2,741 has been pledged to the cause from former UP players while Valerio has collected $1,666 of the pledges. He announced through his blog that donations are still being accepted for charity.

Not that the size of the donation is all that matters, however, it’s worth mentioning that former Team U member Danielle Andersen has given $500. And perhaps other players will give some sizable donations in the near future.

So where is all of this money going? Valerio plans on teaming up with Billy Vogel, who’s worked with the poker community before to drum up funds during the holidays. And Vogel donates this money to help get presents for kids in need. So all in all, it’s great to see something like this arising out of a negative event like UP closing.

Delaware and Nevada kick off Interstate Online Poker

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Before it became reality, one of the more romanticized aspects of regulated US online poker was future interstate pacts between states. Such a proposal would create bigger player pools and tournaments, thus leading to benefits for everybody involved.

Thanks to Delaware and Nevada, interstate online poker is now upon us less than a year after Nevada became the first US state to offer internet poker games. Delaware Governor Jack Markell and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval met Tuesday to finalize a deal whereby both states will combine player pools.

“This multi-state Internet agreement is the first ever of its kind,” Sandoval said of the deal. “I consider this a landmark intersection in the road of gaming history… (Nevada is) proud to have the first state as our first partner.”

Now, in terms of pure numbers, this isn’t exactly the world’s biggest deal. Delaware online poker is only pulling in about $150k per month while Nevada’s poker market is estimated to be earning between $200 and $500k. Put this together and you’re looking at somewhere between $250k and $650k a month, if things were to remain the same (numbers will probably increase a little).

However, the real news of this pact is that interstate poker has kicked off. And we can only expect the player pool to grow as more and more states legalize the game. Sandoval indicated this by saying, “We hope additional states do participate. We all benefit if more states participate.”

The only other state that currently offers online poker is New Jersey. But all reports indicate that the Garden State isn’t really interested in joining Delaware or Nevada right now. They’re pulling in almost $10 million a month, so New Jersey officials don’t feel the need to link up with two much-smaller operations.

Perhaps when other states like California start entering the fray, New Jersey will get interested. And subsequently, US online poker will grow much larger at this point. But for now, it’s just nice that the first interstate pact has been made.

Nevada Online Poker could lead to Video Game Gambling

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

While the US federal government has yet to legalize and regulate online poker, players can take solace in the fact that Nevada got the ball rolling with state poker operations. Both visitors and residents of Nevada can now play internet poker through state-licensed sites, which is a huge step in the right direction.

But we could see even more betting developments on the Nevada front since video game-maker 3G Studios is working towards real money video game betting. The developers of “Rock Band” are hoping to add this and other titles such as “Call of Duty” to the list of video games that can be gambled on.

The bridge connecting web gambling and video games is poker since 3G has teamed up with Eldorado Resorts to try for a poker license. If accepted, 3G will hope to attract the casual player who grinds online for short periods of time. 3G Studios is also planning on boosting visual presentations such as adding a shootout between avatars if they split a pot.

The company’s CEO and founder, James Kosta, discussed 3G’s poker aspirations by saying, “We are starting to bring traditional video game elements into something as tried and true as poker mechanics.” From here, Kosta hopes to lobby Nevada lawmakers into allowing video game betting, and he doesn’t really even plan to make profits through poker.

The ultimate payoff would be if Nevada okays video game web-gambling, and then signs a multi-state pact with other potential poker-friendly states. Of course, before we see widespread gambling on video games, there’s a long ways to go because Nevada is the only US state with an online poker operation. In other words, it could be years before 3G’s dream becomes a reality.