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Party Poker gets rid of Withdrawal Fees – Players Cheer

Monday, August 10th, 2015

party-poker-withdrawal-feesFor years Party Poker has charged a 3% fee to players who withdraw money from the site. Obviously this was never a popular practice, and Party has finally decided to get rid of withdrawal fees. This means that players can use popular cashout methods like Visa, MasterCard and PayPal without incurring any extra fees.

Golan Shaked, Party’s Director of Games, is currently running a “Poker for the People” campaign in order to improve the site. And one of the biggest criticisms he found regarding the poker room was the withdrawal fees.

“We want to be the online poker site that champions what players want and we’re up for the challenge of making our players’ experience the best it can be,” Shaked said. “We are now looking at ways to eliminate withdrawal fees from the small number of payment processors who currently charge a premium for their services.”

Many online poker rooms are currently in a state of transition while hoping to better cater to recreational players. Party Poker is included in this group since they want to do whatever’s necessary to attract and retain more players. Scrapping withdrawal charges is a great start towards appeasing the mainstream crowd. This is especially the case when considering that many other sites don’t charge players a processing fee to cash out money.

Party is hoping that by making more recreational-friendly changes, they can begin ascending the traffic ladder again. According to, they currently rank 8th in the world with an average of 800 hourly cash game players. They’ve been surpassed by sites like 888, Bodog and the iPoker network in recent years; but perhaps by continuing to listen to their players, Party can regain some of their lost market share.

NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship Cancelled

Friday, October 14th, 2011

The effects of Black Friday (April 15th) continue to linger today after the National Heads-Up Poker Championship was recently cancelled by NBC. Adam Freifeld, who is the NBC Sports Senior Director of Communications, announced the sad news when he said the network wanted to, “continue to evaluate our poker programming.”

The 64-player poker tournament had ran since 2005, and saw both poker pros and celebrities face-off in heads-up matches. Popular pro Erik Seidel won the 2011 National Heads-Up Poker Championship, which appears to be the last event – at least for now. Of course, Freifeld’s wording does make it seem like the Heads-Up Championship could come back beyond 2012.

But before this happens, there will need to be some major sponsors because both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker kept this event going. These were the two largest online poker rooms in the business for a while, and their millions of dollars in advertising revenue helped keep the Heads-Up Championship afloat. In addition to this, they also paid the buy-ins for many of the sponsored pros.

However, it’s obvious that Full Tilt Poker won’t be pumping any more advertising money or buy-in fees into the tournament since they are losing a fight for their very existence. And last we checked, the Groupe Bernard Tapie rumored acquisition is only going to be a minority ownership deal – if it even amounts to anything.

As for PokerStars, they’re doing quite well, but they no longer cater to American players. That said, there’s no reason to sponsor the National Heads-Up Championship because NBC is based in the United States. And while the TV show drew a considerable amount of viewers from outside the states, the number isn’t high enough to justify keeping the show on air.