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PokerStars’ US Fast-Fold Patent gives them a Tremendous Advantage

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

PokerStars has struck out three times in their efforts to enter the US online poker market. Nevada flat-out denied them, New Jersey said wait two more years, and Delaware didn’t want an operation without an online casino. But while Stars has watched fellow competitors like 888 and partypoker enter the US market, they still hold the trump card.

The Rational Group, PokerStars’ parent company, managed to gain a patent on fast-fold poker, which bodes well for their Zoom Poker product. Patent Number 8,727,850, listed as “Computer gaming device and method for computer gaming,” gives Stars exclusive rights to offer fast-fold variants. This means that 888, which offers Snap Poker, and partypoker, which offers FastForward, both need to worry about their fast-fold variants from a legal standpoint.

Apparently, all it took for PokerStars to gain the patent after hundreds of rejections was a meeting with a United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) examiner. The examiner explained that Stars should change the phrase “folding out of turn” to refer to “when gameplay is at a position of another one of the first plurality of players.”

Thanks to this simple change, PokerStars now owns a key chip with regard to success in the Untied States. Many poker networks around the world are using fast-fold versions to attract more recreational players. After all, fast-fold poker moves players to a new table with fresh cards when they fold – thus allowing for more hands and less waiting.

With the US market still in its infancy, Stars figures to gain a big upperhand once a state does accept their gaming application. The world’s largest poker site definitely has a good opportunity to enter California. Many believe that the Golden State will legalize poker within the next year. And with Stars heavily lobbying politicians in a state with no major casinos – unlike Nevada and Atlantic City – they’re less likely to get shut out of California.

So whenever PokerStars does get accepted into the US, they’ll definitely have one big advantage over everybody else – as if they didn’t already with their massive size and resources.

Will Zynga Poker’s Facebook Launch save their Stock?

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Falling stock prices for Zynga are nothing new. The social gaming giant has struggled mightily ever since their initial public offering at the end of 2011. Zynga had hoped to give themselves a boost after partnering up with and launching a real money poker client last year. Though only available to UK residents, the thought was that Zynga’s social gamers would eventually download the real money poker client too.

However, this venture has been a complete flop, failing to generate much business for either Zynga or PartyPoker. One of the chief problems was that players have to leave Facebook in order to check out Zynga’s real money poker operation. Seeing as how Zynga gained and now maintains their fame through social games offered on Facebook, few recreational players are enthused about leaving the site.

That said, Zynga recently launched an app that’ll allow Brits to play real money poker directly through Facebook. The huge benefit here is obviously convenience because real money players can stay on Facebook. But will this translate into anything significant in the way of poker traffic? Furthermore, will any potential traffic increase be enough to save their plummeting stock?

Zynga’s already fragile stock took another hit when a Stern Agee analyst released a report that predicts poor results in Q1 of 2014. The report also shed some negative light on Zynga’s Q4 earnings in 2013.

Long story short, this company could really use a major boost. And they’re hoping that the Facebook poker app will at least be part of the solution. Of course, it’s difficult to put too much faith in a real money app that’s only available to the 63 million people living in the UK.