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Phil Laak Crushes Zimbler World Record With 115 Hours Of Poker

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Last year Paul Zimbler set the world record for the most consecutive hours spent playing poker with 78 straight hours of poker. However, this week poker pro Phil Laak, of Unibomber Poker, crushed Zimbler’s record with an unbelievable 115 hours of poker!

Phil Laak’s record-breaking poker challenge took place at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Laak was playing a $10/$20 cash poker game. Six hours before Laak’s 115-hour poker marathon concluded he was up $4000 and by the end of his Guinness World Record-winning game he was up $6,766! Laak also manages to lose five pounds over the course of his poker marathon. He wrote on Twitter, “Wow – my weight was 182 – first time in 12 yrs it has been below 185!”

A blog linked to from the Unibomber Poker website had this interesting tidbit to say about the 4.8 day poker marathon:

“Professional baseball teams can play a full series against each other in four days. Folks with day job can complete 80% of their work weeks in four days. And a driver in an automobile can go from Los Angeles to New York and back again in four days. Now imagine doing any of those things without sleep – and you’ve got an idea of where Phil is right now.”

The 115 hours that Paul Laak played in 4.8 days was the same amount he would have played in almost three traditional work weeks! At the end of his marathon, Laak tweeted, “115 hours late…Bedtime…ahhhh!” He was surely tired, but it must have been worth it!

Paul Zimbler Breaks World Record for Continuous Heads Up Poker

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Yesterday, after 75 hours, 20 minutes and 21 seconds of nonstop poker playing, Paul Zimbler broke the world record for longest continuous heads up poker. Zimbler stayed awake for over three days in order to beat the previous world record setter, Paul Cain, who played for 74 hours and 12 minutes straight last year.

I’m all for people shooting for the stars and reaching their goals, but to me staying up for three days without a wink of sleep is just crazy! At least Zimbler, who is also known as “The Marbella Kid”, was not just trying to reach the goal for his own benefit-he was doing it for a good cause. Zimbler was playing for the Make a Wish Foundation and by the end of the stretch he has raised over £35,000.

Zimbler played against famous poker players and champions from around the globe, including Annette Obrestad who won the WSOP Europe Main Event and Doyle Brunson. He ended by playing against Mike Matusow, followed by which he was carried away from the table, certainly off to sleep for a few straight days.

I saw surprised to hear that Zimbler ended his record-breaking streak as an overall winner. He banked 102 wins and only 81 losses, which is exceptional considering he was sleep deprived and probably not thinking at his clearest. Kudos to you, Paul Zimbler!