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Stop Sampling Every Poker Game

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

When you first start playing online poker, it can be a fun and exciting experience. You get to test your skills against other grinders and try to win profits in the process. Furthermore, there are a variety of poker games that you can try in both the cash game and tournament arenas. But does this mean you should really be trying every type of game imaginable?

The truth is that you really need to focus on one or two poker disciplines when you’re getting started with the game. Now we’re not saying that it’s easy to resist the temptation of wanting to play a variety of poker variations. However, it’s somewhat of a skill to remain disciplined and stay focused. In fact, your future profits really depend heavily on becoming good at one type of poker before moving on to the next.

Texas Hold’em is always a great place to start because you only have two hole cards, which cuts down on the amount of hands that you’re dealing with. Of course, some people think that Hold’em is a little saturated, so you might event want to try Omaha or Seven Card Stud. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want to be jumping back and forth between games when you’re trying to develop a good starting base.

In addition to sticking with one specific variation, you might also want to direct the bulk of your play towards tournaments or cash games. After all, the tourneys and ring games feature different strategy, so it’s a nice idea to become good at one or the other – rather than constantly switching back and froth between the two.

One last thing here is to avoid multi-tabling until you can beat one tournament or cash game table at a time. Some players will jump to two or more tables simply because they’re tired of waiting for others to act; however, you should spend the downtime observing other players and learning their tendencies to fuel your success.

By honing on a single type of online poker, you have a much better chance to eventually win money and move up in stakes.

Matt Perrins wins WSOP 2-7 Draw Lowball during First Time Playing

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

The World Series of Poker isn’t exactly the best place to try out a new poker game. After all, the WSOP is full of the best live poker players in the world. However, Matthew Perrins felt perfectly comfortable trying to parlay his Texas Hold’em skills into a 2-7 Draw Lowball tournament. And what’s funny about this story is that Perrins won Event #9 and $102k despite barely knowing how to play the game.

In order to learn how to play 2-7 Draw Lowball, Perrins watched a few YouTube videos, and that was it. He picked up the rest by asking fellow opponents how to play the game.

As Perrins told the media, “During Day One and the first three or four hours, I was not sure what was going on. I was getting into a few hands, and I was not sure what I should do here. So, I ended up speaking to some of my mates. I started to pick it up. As the tournament got deeper, it was kind of similar to Hold’em as in where being aggressive and three-betting will get you a lot of chips. That’s where I started moving toward the final table.”

As for his strategy during the tournament, Perrins told reporters, “I knew that everyone had a lot more experience than me, but since I was able to play it a bit like Hold’em, they would fold. When I three-bet and was aggressive, it worked.”

Perrins wildly celebrated with friends and other players after winning his first WSOP bracelet. With the WSOP victory and $102,095 in winnings, the Brit now has almost $655k in live tournament winnings. In addition to this, Perrins is also a very good online poker player who has carved out a very successful career.