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Has PokerStars finally bought Full Tilt?

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Few poker players these days have faith in a potential Full Tilt Poker deal getting done any time soon. After all, we’ve been teased by Groupe Bernard Tapie enough to where another potential FTP deal seems like poker news sites crying wolf. Nevertheless, online poker players who are collectively owed around $400 million have gotten their hopes up again following news that PokerStars has worked out an arrangement with the US Department of Justice.

Two sources in Gambling911 and Wedeen Eolis have confirmed that PokerStars will be allowed to buy Full Tilt, provided they pay US players back of course. Gambling911 was first to surface with a story since they claimed that the US Attorney’s Office finally approved a deal with PokerStars. And the reason why this gambling news site supposedly got the story is because they filed a motion to intervene back in 2009. That said, they have access to certain information coming from Full Tilt legal dealings.

As for Wendeen Eolis, the reputable government affairs consultant claims that an impeccable resource let her know how Full Tilt Poker has indeed been purchased by PokerStars. But like Gambling911, Eolis doesn’t have any more details to pass along at this time.

With respect to both sources in this story, it’s still too early to began celebrating the impending return of $400 million to the poker world. As mentioned before, Groupe Bernard Tapie took players on an emotional roller coaster that resulted in nothing getting done. Before that, Phil Ivey and his “White Knight” investors were supposed to buy FTP and get players their money back.

As we now know, neither the Ivey nor GBT deal came to fruition so we’re forced to question whether the PokerStars news is true. But assuming an official announcement is made, it would truly mean a lot to poker players who have fortunes stuck on Full Tilt.