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Sports Illustrated Pokes Fun at Rafael Nadal’s “Horrible Poker Face”

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Rafael Nadal recently faced off against Vanessa Selbst in a heads-up poker game at Casino de Monte Carlo. This was quite an interesting pairing, given that Nadal started playing poker less than two years ago while Selbst is commonly called the world’s best female player, with nearly $10 million in tournament winnings.

If there were a betting line on this heads-up match, Selbst probably would’ve been a 10:1 favorite or better. So nobody should be surprised to hear that Selbst did beat the tennis star in this PokerStars promotion.

Even with the predictable outcome, it should be noted that PokerStars donated 5,000 euros to charity, and both Selbst and Nadal enjoyed the experience. Here’s a look at both of their comments:

SelbstRafa played a great game, but the format and the cards were in my favor. I was able to win by using aggression in good spots and I also made a number of strong hands. I had an excellent time with Rafa and I’m looking forward to the re-match!

NadalIt was a great honor to play against a strong competitor and although I lost, I had a lot of fun.

Speaking of fun, that’s exactly what Sports Illustrated had when poking fun at Nadal’s terrible poker face. As they discussed, Rafa is known for how fired up he gets on the tennis courts. But when he gets fired up on the poker felt, it can look fairly comical. Moreover, it doesn’t exactly help him conceal poker tells very well. That said, take a look at if you’d be able to judge what Rafa had based on his poker faces. Hum, sports betting might be a better match for him.

Do Online Poker Tells Exist?

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

When it comes to live poker one of the best strategies is reading tells. When you and your opponent are face to face there is a lot you have to go on-nervous ticks, facial gestures, tone of voice and that sort of thing. However, how about when you play poker online? Do online poker tells exist? The answer is a resounding “yes!” One of the biggest tells in online poker is the speed of play. Generally players that play very quickly, making the decision to raise or go all in within seconds, is holding a weak hand. Delayed action is often a sign of a strong hand, as the player is taking time to plan out their strategy and decide how to play their hand. However, sometimes delayed action can simply be chocked up to a slow Internet connection. If you notice that a player raises within a split second of the player before then you can deduce that they have checked the “raise any” box. If a player has chosen to raise any then this probably means that they have a great hand so unless your hand is also great it is a good idea to fold.

You should also pay attention to how often your opponents’ fold and how often they raise. Using this information you can determine whether or not a player plays weak hands, only raises on very strong hands or bets sporadically. This information can help you with your own strategy.

Learn to read these online poker tells and you can quickly improve your online poker winnings.