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UltimateBeat Documentary to be released this Month

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

For the past few years, poker investigator/blogger Scott Bell has been compiling evidence on the UltimateBet cheating scandal, which saw dozens of high stakes players defrauded by superusers. And now, Bell is set to release his documentary via Video on Demand on October 22nd.

Bell’s production company, Doublehead Pictures, explained what players can expect with the following synopsis:

The story tracks an intersection of old school hustlers and technology during the “poker boom”. After successfully launching a popular site, a group of insiders used software access to defraud players over a period of years without detection. When discovered, they went to great lengths to cover-up the crimes in order to repay less than the amount stolen.

Nobody was ever investigated, arrested, indicted or prosecuted for the crimes. The subtext is how a small group of players crowdsourced an online investigation to force the site into repaying far more than they intended, if not fully.

Some of those who were cheated in the scandal will be featured in this documentary, including Brad Booth, Mike “trambopoline” Fosco and Todd “Dan Druff” Witteles. Besides appearances by victims, UltimateBeat will also include bits with Travis Makar, who, earlier this year, released taped conversations from Russ Hamilton and Iovation CEO Greg Pierson – two of the biggest figures behind the UB cheating scandal.

Now, six years after the UB scandal broke, many people still have questions they want answered. How much money did UB actually refund to affected players? What was Phil Hellmuth’s stake in the parent company? Did Annie Duke play a role in this scandal and/or cover-up? How are the original figures behind the cheating scandal set to capitalize on legal online poker today? Hopefully UltimateBeat will help answer some or all of these questions.

UB Poker Documentary covers Scandals, Hellmuth

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

It’s been a few years since the UB Poker superuser scandal took place, but that doesn’t mean the poker world is any more accepting of this unbelievable cheating incident. In fact, many people still want blood for the millions of dollars that players were cheated out of when certain UB employees used superuser accounts. And while that blood may never come due to the non-regulation of online poker back then, at least those involved with the incident can be further shamed.

That’s what poker player and writer Scott Bell is hoping to accomplish with the untitled documentary he’s currently working on. Bell recently did an interview with QuadJacks Radio about his UB Poker documentary, and the film will take a deeper look at the corrupt poker site and its main figures.

One of the biggest figures that will be discussed is current CEO Jim Ryan, who ran UB’s parent company, Excapsa. Bell believes that Ryan didn’t do enough in his role as Excapsa’s CEO when players were cheated out of money. Furthermore, he hints that Ryan and others took steps to cover up the extent of the superuser cheating.

Aside from profiling Ryan, Bell will also take a look at other big names who were associated with UB Poker. Phil Hellmuth is the biggest name that surfaced in the interview, and the 12-time WSOP champion has done his best to avoid answering any questions about the site he proudly represented.

If you’re interested in seeing the documentary, Bell said that he should be finished with it towards the end of the fall. Once it’s finished, players will be able to order DVD’s directly from Bell’s company.