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Ways to make Poker More Fun

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Poker can definitely be fun and exciting – especially when you’re new to the game. But as with anything you do continuously, poker can also become dull and boring at times. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to re-inspire your love for the game. It just takes a little effort and imagination.

Play with Friends

Get together with some friends for a poker night so you can remember how fun the game can be. There’s nothing like a group of 3-9 friends playing poker and getting some social interaction! And if you’ve got more people wanting in on the action, you may even need to get two tables going. Just make sure to have the right people involved in your game so nothing gets out of hand or too crazy.

Set the Mood

It’s not the same mood you may be thinking of. Create a comfortable area to play poker in, get a table, buy a nice set of chips, and use warm lighting. Also, include music in your new setup, but don’t play it too loud. Creating the right feel for your home poker room is a perfect way to add to the game’s enjoyment.

Do Side Activities while playing Poker

Serious poker players realize that it’s important to focus on the game for the best results. However, if you’re getting bored on the online poker tables, a good way to pump up the action is by dropping down in stakes and enjoying side games and activities in between. For example, you could throw darts, shoot pool, or play video games when you’re waiting for the next hand to begin.

Try New Poker Games

One more suggestion that we have for making poker fun involves trying a new variation. Assuming you always play No-Limit Hold’em, you could try some low stakes (or free) Pot-Limit Omaha. There are also plenty of other games such as Seven Card Stud, Five Card Stud, Badugi, 2-7 Triple Draw and Razz.

Assuming your interest in poker is waning or the game feels mundane, try some of the simple steps we’ve suggested to increase fun on the felt.

WSOP to name Event after Deceased Jerry Buss

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

One of the biggest news stories from yesterday was that Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss passed away at the age of 80. He’d been battling cancer and was hospitalized last Thursday before dying on Monday. Because of Buss’ poker playing background, the World Series of Poker is in the process of naming a tournament after him.

As reported by TMZ, the WSOP wants to either name their Seven Card Stud Championship after Buss, or at least dedicate a trophy to him – much like the “Chip Reese Memorial Trophy” that goes to the $50k Players Championship winner. A WSOP rep told TMZ:

At the appropriate time, we will seek to ask the family to honor [Jerry’s] legacy by possibly naming our WSOP Seven Card Stud Championship after him or awarding the victor a special perpetual trophy in his honor.

“We’re definitely going to miss seeing him … Even when the Lakers were playing in the NBA Finals, you could often find Dr. Buss playing his favorite game — Seven Card Stud — at the World Series of Poker.

As the above statement alludes to, Jerry Buss was very fond of playing high stakes Seven Card Stud cash games. He also experienced success in the Stud tournament scene after finishing third place in a 1991 WSOP Seven Card Stud event.

Later on in life, Buss got into lots of other tournaments and played from 1991 to 2011, when age and declining health convinced him to stop playing so much poker. None of Buss’ cashes were overly-large – with his biggest being worth $33,800 – but he did manage to accumulate $172,490 in winnings before passing away.

As a testament to how much Dr. Buss loved poker, he once skipped a Los Angeles Lakers NBA Championship parade to play poker at the Bicycle Casino, which was just 10 miles away. Taking everything here into account, it’s no wonder why the WSOP wants to name an event after him.