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How Much Poker should you Play?

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Even if you’ve been playing poker for a few months, you could be lost as to what your playing volume should be. Should you play 5 sit and go’s a day? Is 3 multi-table tournaments going to be enough to make you better?

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to these questions because it all depends on your goals. For example, if you are a recreational player who gets a thrill out of playing $1 SNG’s, then three tournaments or less a day is perfectly fine. However, if you’re someone who spends hours on poker forums and you dream of winning hundreds of thousands in MTT’s, some day, you should probably get at least 5 MTT’s or more in a day.

Now one problem that people run into when they’re trying to get enough poker tournaments in is not having enough time in the day. After all, if you want to get a sick volume in, three hours of daily poker time just won’t cut it. For these people, there is always the multi-tabling option. Some of the big-time online pros multi-table as many as 20 tournaments at one time! This isn’t to say you should try this; rather, it’s just to show you what’s possible.

Obviously skill and bankroll will factor into the matter as well. For example, if you only have a $50 bankroll and you’re a total beginner, it would be unwise to play five or six tournaments a day because your bankroll would run out pretty quickly this way. And you need to give yourself enough time to learn poker strategy along the way, so one or two tournaments a day would work for the aforementioned situation.

Above all, remember that your goals will be the ultimate deciding factor when determine playing volume, while bankroll and skill factor in as well.