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Waka Flocka dubs Dan Bilzerian the “New Hugh Hefner”

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Dan Bilzerian continues to fascinate the world, and All In Magazine is capitalizing on this fascination with a series of interviews with “Blitz.” They’ve now released two parts to the series, with the second just recently coming available.

In this segment, Bilzerian starts out by discussing the now-famous staking deal with Jay Farber, where he fronted $2k of Farber’s $10k WSOP Main Event buy-in. As some know, Farber went on to finish second in the 2013 Main Event, which earned him $5.2 million and Bilzerian a $1 million cut of this.

The two have since become friends, hence the second part of the video, where they race sports cars against each other. Blitz ends up winning by just a few tenths of a second, narrowly beating Farber and some other people.

Perhaps the best part of All In’s video is when Bilzerian heads to a DJ Steve Aoki concert. Accompanying Aoki are hip hop legends like Flavor Flav and Coolio along with current star Waka Flocka Flame. The latter provides the most interesting quote of the video when he says, “That muthf**ka (Bilzerian)…is the new Hugh Hefner.”

This probably couldn’t be truer when you consider all of the crazy and exciting things that Bilzerian’s been doing lately. From hosting Playboy and Hustler shoots on his yacht to showing off his massive gun collection, Blitz never ceases to entertain people. Add in the fact that he claims to have won $50 million playing in high stakes poker games, and you can see why poker players follow his Instagram account. Now, here’s a look at the aforementioned All In Magazine interview: