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WSOP Gets Fancy With 2010 Winner Bracelets

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

There is no item that is so prestigious in the world of poker as the World Series of Poker bracelet. Awarded each year to the top players in a number of events, the bracelet is a keepsake for poker players to remember their big win for the rest of their lives. This year, for the first time in history, the WSOP bracelets will be personalized.

The WSOP has partnered up with On Tilt Designs, where jewelry designer Steve Soffa is working on a new and improved bracelet design. The new bracelets will be made from 14-karat solid gold, embellished with a variety of diamond cuts, rubies and black diamonds. The bracelet for the main event will be the crowned jewel, with 550 diamonds and 6 ounces of solid gold.

Steve Soffa has also designed the official watch of the World Series of Poker. The Suicide King watch has the four suits – Diamonds, Spades, Hearts and Clubs – engraved on the side and it a sight to behold. He has also designed a set of 50 brand new designed which are produced specifically for the WSOP at the Rio Casino.

Steve Soffa shows the process that goes into making the brand new, fancy World Series of Poker bracelets in the video below, as well as some of the jewelry that he’s been working on. The winners of this year’s WSOP event are lucky to be getting some of the most amazing jewelry to hit the poker scene.