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Tony G wins European Parliament Seat

Monday, May 26th, 2014

It turns out that Tony “G” Gouga isn’t just popular (infamous) in poker. The Lithuanian businessman and poker pro won a seat in the next European Parliament.

After the big political victory, an elated Gouga said, “Today we made history in Lithuanian politics. For the first time Liberals have won two seats in the European Parliament. My sincere thanks go to all the voters, those who supported and helped me along the way!”

Along with winning one of the two European Parliament seats, Tony G can take pride in knowing that he was the top-voted Liberal candidate from Lithuania. That said, it’s little surprise that he was also gracious of those who supported his campaign. “I want to thank my whole team of volunteers,” Tony G told reporters. “They have been fantastic!”

Now Gouga will be representing his native country, which contains almost 3 million residents. And he’ll serve in this role for five years, starting on July 1st, 2014.

This being said, we probably won’t be seeing a lot of Tony G in the poker world any time soon. After all, he’ll not only be serving the interests of Lithuanians, but also operating his online gambling business empire, which includes PokerNews and TonyBet.

As for his poker career, Gouga is best known for televised appearances where he’s seen berating other players. For example, he once went off on Ralph Perry during a televised game (see below), frequently using Perry’s Russian heritage to insult his play. Other times, though, Tony G can be a gentleman at the table, helping newer amateur players out who aren’t quite accustomed to live poker rules. Tony has $4,862,341 in live poker tournaments and countless millions in various live cash games across the world.

Mean Tony G

Nice Tony G

Barcode – The Mysterious Online Poker Phenom

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

When it comes to high stakes online poker, we’re used to seeing names like Phil Galfond and Viktor Blom dominating the news. However, a new and mysterious player named “Barcode” (a.k.a. 1Il|1Il|1il|) has been experiencing most of the success lately.

Getting into the specifics, this player is fresh off of a week where he made over $554k. And this isn’t the only success that Barcode has experienced because he’s managed to collect over $1.3 million while playing against some of the top online poker players in the world. October 11th was an especially good day since he was able to win $557k in profits!

Apparently, Barcode makes the bulk of his money on the PokerStars $100/$200 and $200/$400 PLO tables. This certainly isn’t surprising because these games are a favorite among many of the world’s top players. It’ll definitely be interesting to see if Barcode continues to top the nosebleeds and haul in major profits.

Tony G backing Jungleman

In other big high stakes news, Tony “G” Gouga has announced that he’s going to stake Dan Cates. Gouga wrote about the news with the following:

I have talked before about how I wanted to stake Isildur1 – well I am back in the staking business now as I am backing Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates. I think this guy could turn $5 million into $100 million – he’s a genius. I started off by backing him for the WPT Grand Prix de Paris and intend to back him live but predominantly online.

To those who’ve followed high stakes in the past, it may seem weird that Cates is being staked. After all, he made over $5 million in 2010 profits and has collected around $8 million overall. However, he’s also had a lot of money locked up on Full Tilt over the last year and a half. Plus it seems like he may have hit a little downswing as Gouga said, “He has definitely had his ups and downs but his heart is in the right place.”

With a rich backer like Tony G, it will be very interesting to see how Cates does in the near future.

WSOP $1 Million Buy-in to break Records

Friday, April 13th, 2012

What began as a vision several months ago has become reality since the WSOP $1 million buy-in tournament is definitely going to happen from July1st-3rd. Dubbed “The Big One for One Drop,” this tourney already has 30 players confirmed with some of the biggest names in poker having made a commitment.

But before we get into the confirmed players, it’s worth mentioning that this tournament is already guaranteed to set two records. First off, the WSOP $1 million buy-in tournament will feature the biggest buy-in ever; the previously largest tourney was the $250k Aussie Millions High Roller.

As for the second record, the 30 confirmed players and interesting prize pool distribution will see the winner walk away with almost $12.3 million of the prize pool. Assuming this happens as planned, it would easily beat the $12 million that Jamie Gold received for winning the 2006 WSOP Main Event.

With such a massive prize involved, it’s no wonder why the top names in poker will be entering this event. Some of those confirmed include Gus Hansen, Patrik Antonius, Erik Seidel, Daniel Negreanu, Johnny Chan, Tom Dwan, Tony G, Dan Shak, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier and Jonathan Duhamel.

In addition to this stellar lineup of players, there will also be some prominent businessmen joining the tourney. These guys include Guy Laliberté, Bobby Baldwin (former player too), Phil Ruffin, Andy Beal, Sean O’Donnell, Richard Yong, Paul Phua and Arnaud Mimran.

The Big One for One Drop will see 10% of the buy-ins go towards Laliberté’s One Drop foundation, while a little under $27 million is available for the actual tourney. We still have plenty of time before July 1st, so both the number of participants and prize money could grow before the tournament starts. But even if it stays the same, we’re still in for quite a special event come WSOP time!

Phil Ivey in WSOP Main Event?

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Back in May, Phil Ivey made a very strong statement that he had no intention of playing in any WSOP events this year. This statement was made along with Ivey expressing his disappointment in Full Tilt Poker over their non-payment of player funds. And it preceded his big $150 million lawsuit against FTP, which was blasted by several pros like Tony G and Mike Matusow.

However, it appears as if Ivey may be changing his tune following the possible sale of Full Tilt Poker to European investors. The news came via Ivey’s friend Barry Greenstein, who talked about the plans in an interview with PokerNews. You can check out Greenstein’s interview right here.

Going back to Ivey, his original statement was that he didn’t want to play in the 2011 WSOP because he said it wasn’t fair if other players could participate – due to their money being locked up in FTP. But weeks later, we saw him opening up to Full Tilt by meeting with the company’s executives in Ireland. It was reported that the meeting involved Ivey and FTP settling over the money he had tied up in the site.

Following this news, the LA Times broke a huge story about FTP working on a deal with the mysterious European investors that are still unknown at this point. And bringing this all to the present, Ivey plans on playing the Main Event as long as the deal gets completed soon.

However, even though the LA Times reported that the deal was already done, we’re still waiting on it to be officially completed. Seeing as how the Main Event starts in a few days, that doesn’t give Ivey much time to finalize his decision on playing in the tournament.

Will Tony G’s Dog Sport The First Ever WSOP Dog Bling?

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Australian poker pro Tony G wants to get his first World Series Of Poker bracelet the easy way—by buying it. He announced on his blog that he wants to be the winning bidder for Peter Eastgate’s WSOP Main Event bracelet, which Eastgate is auctioning off on eBay. And what does he want to do with the bracelet, you might ask? Well, turn it into a collar for his dog, of course!

Tony G wrote about his plans on his blog. He said, “What am I going to do with Peter’s bracelet? Well, the plan is to get it adapted into a special collar for my trusted German Shepherd Zasko. The ultimate dog bling—as my gladiator and protector he deserves to be kitted out in such style. You may not think I am serious, but I am deadly serious—my dog is going to be wearing the Great Dane Eastgate’s bracelet—mark my words.”

Unfortunately, Tony G’s initial bid of $17,500 was quickly surpassed, but Tony G isn’t giving up. He says, “Carry on bidding, this bracelet is going to go for six figures. I respect Zasko too much to not pay what it takes but I do have limits. For $2 million I could buy him his own private jet!”

For those of you wondering why Peter Eastgate is auctioning off his WSOP bracelet, he is doing it to raise money for UNICEF. Tony G says that he wants to win the bracelet to make his dog a UNICEF ambassador. But I think it may be a little slap in the face to the WSOP to turn one of their sought-after bracelets into a dog collar.