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Will Phil Hellmuth Be On Dancing With The Stars?

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Rumors are flying that poker all-star Phil Hellmuth will be dancing in the next season of Dancing With The Stars. If the rumors are true, Hellmuth could be joining the likes of Marie Osmond, Joey Lawrence, Kelly Osbourne, Bristol Palin, Donny Osmond, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and more.

You may wonder how this rumor got started. Well, looks like Phil Hellmuth started it himself when he sent out a tweet earlier this month that said, “OMG Phil Hellmuth (me!) on Dancing with the Stars!” Outrageous! Might make a fool out of myself on Worldwide Television one more time…”

The Dancing with the Stars page on the ABC website says that they are currently casing for the next season and are asking viewers who they would pick from a variety of categories including singer, athlete, actor, reality star, comedian and model. Maybe Hellmuth tweeted in order to get people to vote for him, or maybe ABC has already cast him. In any case, we won’t know for sure until the lineup for the show’s twelfth season is announced.

I think it would be pretty interesting to see Phil Hellmuth on Dancing with the Stars. He had a cameo appearance in Ludacris’ Sex Room video earlier this year, but he didn’t have the chance to show off any of his dance moves. I’ll look forward to seeing if he knows how to cut it up on the dance floor if these rumors are true.

Most Valuable Pro Poker Players, According To Twitter

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

If you are on Twitter then you know that some tweeple have more influence that others. BLUFF magazine recently published an interesting article looking at the influence of professional poker players on Twitter, based upon the value of these players’ Twitter accounts at, a website that uses some sort of algorithm to put a price value on people’s Twitter accounts.

According to BLUFF’s research, using TweetValue, the top poker players on Twitter are ranked as follows:

  1. Joe Sebok has a Twitter account worth $52,274 with over 1.1 million followers
  2. Doyle Brunson has a Twitter account worth $27,867 with over 355,000 followers
  3. Daniel Negreanu has a Twitter account worth $6,881 with over 64,000 followers
  4. Phil Hellmuth has a Twitter account worth $5,058 with over 49,000 followers
  5. Annie Duke has a Twitter account worth $3,042 with over 24,000 followers
  6. The World Series of Poker has a Twitter account worth $2,622 with over 21,000 followers
  7. Barry Greenstein has a Twitter account worth $2,303 with over 21,000 followers
  8. Phil Laak has a Twitter account worth $1,867 with over 16,000 followers
  9. Erik Seidel has a Twitter account worth $1,483 with over 14,000 followers

10.  Jean-Robert Bellande has a Twitter account worth $1,338 with over 10,000 followers.

Other top pro poker players on Twitter include Matt Savage and Antonio Esfandiari. Check out how your Twitter account value compares and follow these popular poker players to keep track of what’s going on in their lives.

Twitter and the World of Professional Poker

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Are you on Twitter? These days it seems like everyone is on Twitter – Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, Obama… But what you may not know is that many professional poker players are on Twitter as well, tweeting away about life and even giving play-by-plays during poker games and tournaments.

For those of you that don’t know, Twitter is a website that allows you to post about what you are doing at any given moment in 140 words or less. You can follow others to see what they’re up to, and others can follow you. It’s a simple idea that has really taken off.

If you’ve already got a Twitter account then it can be fun to follow some of poker’s biggest names and if you don’t have an account it’s easy to open one. You don’t have to feel obligated to tweet about what you’re doing. You can simply open an account to follow your favorite poker players and read about what they’re up to.

The following are a few of my favorite poker players to follow on Twitter:

Annie Duke – @RealAnnieDuke
Daniel Negreanu – @RealKidPoker
Phil Hellmuth – @Phil_Hellmuth
Phil Ivey – @PhilIvey
Doyle Brunson – @TexDolly
Barry Greenstein – @BarryGreenstein
Andy Bloch – @Andy_Bloch
Howard Lederer – @HowardLederer
Gavin Smith – @OleGSmith
Joe Sebok – @JoeSebok

You can also follow the following users for tournament updates:

World Series of Poker – @WSOPLiveUpdates
World Poker Tour – @WPTLiveUpdates