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Poker’s Ron “The Duke of Fremont” Wall gets Justice after Horrific Robbery

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Three years ago, Ron “The Duke of Fremont” Wall was lying on a hotel floor with a broken nose, ribs and cheek bones, along with stab wounds in his hands. The poker pro had been the victim of a horrific robbery and beating, where the bandits made off with $137,000. But this week, Wall earned justice and helped put the people who did this to him behind bars.

34-year-old Edmond Price received a 30-year prison sentence for his role in the brutal robbery/attack. Judge James Bixler cited Price’s previous criminal behavior when handing down the lengthy sentence. Price is already set to serve 10 years in California, which has been tacked on to the 30 years he received in Nevada.

Wall was instrumental in putting Price behind bars for the next 40 years. Dressed like an elegant mobster from the 1930’s, Wall told the courtroom how his attacker deserved the stiffest punishment possible “because of the horrendous, savage and barbaric crimes he committed against me.” The rounder added, “I believe through the grace of God I physically and emotionally survived this heinous act and consider every moment since then a blessing.”

Price wasn’t alone in this criminal act since his girlfriend, Victoria Elizabeth Edelman, also participated in the terrible beating of Wall. However, she accepted a plea bargain deal beforehand, which saw her face a maximum prison term of 12 years in exchange for testimony against Price.

As for how the robbery went down, Wall had brought the $137k with him to Whiskey Pete’s to buy gold and silver. Upon arriving at the hotel room where the exchange was to happen, the poker pro was beaten with an iron, toilet seat cover and stabbed in the hands.

Concussed, bleeding and with several broken bones, Wall managed to survive the ordeal and later pick his attackers out of a police lineup. Now he can rest much easier knowing that Price and Edelman are both going away for a long time.