Texas Hold’em Slang

If you’re new to the game of Texas Hold’em then you have, without a doubt, heard slang and nicknames being thrown around. If you aren’t hip to the lingo than you can feel like other players are speaking a foreign language when they talk about “the nuts” and say things like “I’ve got hockey sticks”. I’ve put together the following glossary to help you lean basic Texas Hold’em slang, so you won’t feel out at your next poker night.

The following are other names for specific cards:

Ace – Bullet or Rocket

King – Cowboy

Queen – Lady, Cowgirl, Girl

Jack – Jackal, Knave, Hook, Johnny

10 – Dime

9 – Nina Ross

8 – Snowman

7 – Hockey Stick, Candy Cane, Walking Stick

5 – Nickel

4 – Sailboat, Sail

3 – Crab, Trey

2 – Deuce, Duck, Quacker

Double Aces – American Airlines, Pocket Rockets, Bullets

You will also hear the following terms thrown around quite frequently at the Texas Hold’em table:

The Nuts – The best hole cards at any point during the game

Bad Beat – When a hand that is a favorite to win loses

Hole Cards – The two cards that you are dealt

Kicker – The high card in your hand that may not be used in your hand but may be used to break a tie

Sandbagging – Playing a strong hand slowly or passively in an attempt to bluff a so-so hand

Under the Gun – The player seated directly to the left of the big blind

Commit these slang terms to memory and you’ll be talking like a pro in your next Hold’em game.

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