Recognizing Tight and Loose Play in Poker

In the world of poker there are all types of players who turn to all different sorts of strategies in their poker playing. Most of these players fall into two categories – loose players and tight players. Figuring out if you are playing against a loose player or a tight player can help you build your own strategy and play to win.

The term “tight player” is used to describe a poker player that plays very few poker hands. These players are “tight” with their bankroll, only staying in the game when they have a very good hand. When you play against a tight player you can be pretty sure that if they stay in the game they have a good hand. However, tight players also have the advantage of being able to throw in a good bluff every now and then, getting the other players to fold and winning with a poker hand that is only so-so.

Loose players, on the other hand, are players that play lots of hands. With these players you can never be sure how good their hand truly is. Strategizing against a loose player is tougher, since you can never know if they have a strong hand or not. However, playing loose holds a lot more risk when it comes to your bankroll. I tend to stick to tight play in my poker games and I think that in the long run you win a lot more than you lose when you play tight.

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