Avoiding Tough Poker Hands

As we all know, not every online poker hand we’re dealt is going to be pocket aces or kings. In fact, the large majority of the time, you’re either dealt garbage, or hands that put you into difficult postflop situations.

For example, let’s say that you’re dealt T-9 in late-middle position and two limpers are out in front. With two limpers already in the hand, this presents a good time to limp in with your connectors, and hope for a draw and good pot odds on the flop. However, you also have to consider that if somebody raises the hand in the cutoff, button or blinds, you’re going to be forced to make a very tough decision. And if the raise is large enough to make you fold, you’ve just wasted a bet calling with a marginal preflop hand.

Of course, this isn’t to say that you should avoid playing solid drawing hands like T-9 from middle position because they can lead to bigger hands later on. But you also have to think ahead in this situation, and consider what your table is like. Are there any fish who would actually give you action if the straight did come through for you? Are there any tight players left in the pot that would fold to a bluff if you completely missed the draw?

These are some of the things that you need to think about when deciding if it’s the correct decision to play a tough poker hand. And tricky poker hands only become tougher to play when you’re in early position. In any case, always be thinking ahead with those tough poker hands, and don’t be afraid to fold them until you’ve gained enough information on other players at the table.

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