Playing Continues After Berlin Poker Heist

Today in Berlin a group of robbers stormed a poker tournament, stealing up to $1.1 million in poker prize money. There were four robbers in total, all in disguise, and they were armed with handguns and machetes.

The tournament was taking place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in the center of Berlin. When the robbers entered the building, players and spectators panicked and ran for the hotel’s exits. One witness was in shock, saying “An armed robbery in broad daylight in the heart of Berlin, at Germany’s biggest poker tournament! I just couldn’t believe my eyes!” He had watched as one of the robbers stuffed a bag full of 500 Euro notes while another robber pinned down a security guard.

Seven tournament-goers and a security guard were injured during the robbery. However, despite the large number of witnesses, the robbers escaped with what the BBC reported could be up to $1.1 million in tournament prize money. Security managed to get one bag full of money back from the robbers, but the escaped with the rest. It is unknown how much money that bag contained.

No arrests have been made, as of yet. However, the robbery was caught on tape and police are interviewing the witnesses and looking into the matter further, in hopes of catching the robbers.

My favorite part of this story is that the robbery didn’t put a stop to the tournament. A few hours after the robbery occurred the Main Event, Ladies Event and High Roller tournament resumed.