Joe Cada Takes Home $8.55 Million in 2009 WSOP Main Event

The 2009 WSOP Main Event has come to a close and the winner is none other than Joe Cada. At 21 years old, Cada is the youngest poker player to win a WSOP main event. Joe Cada has earned his keep as a professional poker player over the past couple of years. He started out playing in tournaments at Casino Windsor and has recently moved into larger poker tournaments. This Main Event win is Cada’s twelfth cash win in the WSOP, which is astonishing for someone of his age.

Logger Darvin Moon played head to head against Cada and took home the $5.18 million second prize. Moon has earned his keep by playing in small tournaments from time to time, as opposed to Cada who has a lot of experience over the last few years. Perhaps that extra practice and tournament play is what brought Cada to the top.

The top 9 players in the Main Event and their winnings are as follows:

1st place – Joe Cada with $8.55 million
2nd place – Darvin Moon with $5.18 million
3rd place – Antoine Saout with $3.48 million
4th place – Eric Buchman with $2.5 million
5th place – Jeff Shulman with $1.95 million
6th place – Steven Begleiter with $1.59 million
7th place – Phil Ivey with $1.4 million
8th place – Kevin Schaffel with $1.3 million
9th place – James Akenhead with $1.2 million

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