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Poker Player Newspaper ends Print Magazine just as GPI launches One

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

With a wealth of poker news and information now available on the internet, many printed poker magazines are having a rough go of it these days. For Poker Player Newspaper, the pressure became too much as they ended their print edition after 30-plus years in the business.

Owner Stan Sludikoff said that the costs of printing and distributing a magazine “have escalated past a point of feasibility in our current business model.” He added, “Accordingly, effective immediately, we will be publishing Poker Player Newspaper exclusively on the Internet at” Sludikoff, who’s 78, also mentioned that he’s open to selling the business with the following statement:

At this point in my life, given my desire to pass the mantle as well as to work through the economic pressures as expeditiously as possible, I am looking for a working partner/investor or alternatively for a full buyout of my family-based Poker Player business which has operated since 1982.

Just as Poker Player Newspaper is getting out of the print magazine business, the Global Poker Index will be launching a free printed mag. As an official partner of the World Series of Poker, the GPI will have a booth at the Rio this summer and distribute their magazine. In addition to the Rio, the free publication will also be handed out at other Las Vegas casinos like the Aria, Bellagio, GoldenNugget, Venetian and Wynn.

The company’s CEO, Alex Dreyfus, is extremely excited to venture outside the bounds of their internet presence. “This is our first full-scale foray outside of the digital,” he said. “We couldn’t be happier to take this step and keep our growing momentum going in time for the 2014 WSOP.”

Some of the content that’ll be in GPI’s June edition includes a feature on Vanessa Selbst and her WSOP plans, Top 1,500 GPI US Rankings, and a guide of Las Vegas for WSOP out-of-towners. If you’d like to read the first edition of GPI’s magazine online, you can do so here.

Trickett’s Hot Fiance, Natasha Sandhu, lands PokerTube Job

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Those who are familiar with the poker career of Sam Trickett may have heard of his fiance, Natasha Sandhu. The beautiful model has been with Sam for nine years and is sometimes the subject of poker gossip.

The reason why we’re discussing her now is because she’s landed a new gig with PokerTube. She’ll be doing interviews and providing an inside look at poker rooms and tournaments.

In her first video blog, Sandhu visits Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dwan, where she takes viewers into the Trickett Room. This is only fitting when you see pictures of her fiance plastered all over the room. It’s a little hard to hear the interview that she does because of the background noise. But the audio is a lot better when Sandhu shows footage of a cash game that’s taking place in the Trickett Room.

Another section of the clip shows Sandhu interviewing her equally hot sister, Danielle, a Trickett Room host. This portion mainly focuses on the laid-back vibe in the poker room and how the players enjoy being there.

All in all, the vBlog that Sandhu does isn’t too bad, despite the previously discussed background and audio issues. It definitely looks like she’s got what it takes to bring interesting content to viewers in the future. It’ll especially be nice to see what she comes up with at the World Series of Poker this summer. Trickett, the new Everest Poker ambassador, will be playing in around 25 bracelets events at the 2014 WSOP, so Sandhu will no doubt be hanging around Vegas plenty as well.

Phil Ivey knocking on Door of WSOP Bracelet #9

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

It’s been a glorious return to the World Series of Poker for Phil Ivey since he’s made two final table thus far – and we’re not even halfway through the 2012 WSOP. After skipping the 2011 WSOP due to Full Tilt Poker negligently mishandling player deposits, Ivey has played remarkably. This being said, here’s a quick look at what he’s done so far:

Event #15 Final Table

The 2012 WSOP Event #15 tournament was certainly difficult since it was loaded with lots of top-level pros. This is immediately apparent when you consider that the final table consisted of Bryn Kenney, Adam Friedman, John Monnette, and Todd Brunson. Unfortunately for Ivey, his chip disadvantage coupled with the strong competition saw him bow out in 7th place ($34,595). Friedman would go on to win the tournament along with $269,037, but it was a strong showing by Ivey indeed.

2012 WSOP Event #18

While Event #15 was tough, the Event #18 field may have been even stronger since only the best anted up the $10,000 buy-in to compete in this PLO tournament. But as many good players as there were, only one mattered to the media among the 179 grinders since Phil Ivey had grabbed a big chip lead.

He couldn’t have asked for a better situation either when he still carried a chip lead into heads-up play against Andy Frankenberger. With WSOP bracelet #9 firmly within reach, Ivey traded hands with Frankenberger until his advantage slowly disappeared. Eventually, it was Frankenberger with the chip lead, and he was able to finish Ivey off to grab his second career bracelet.

As for Phil, he hasn’t won a gold bracelet since 2009. Now for most players this isn’t a bad thing at all; however, Ivey is widely considered the top all-around poker player in the world. So it’s no doubt that he’ll be vigorously seeking bracelet #9 at some point in the 2012 WSOP.

Georges St-Pierre enters Poker World

Friday, April 6th, 2012

While seeing mixed martial arts stars in the poker world isn’t anything new, seeing a star like Georges St-Pierre sign a 12-month poker contract is a pretty big deal. St-Pierre inked the deal with 888poker, and he’ll be representing them in major live events such as the World Series of Poker.

The 30-year-old fighter is currently resting and rehabbing a knee injury, and won’t be entering the ring for a while anyways. So this opportunity with 888 comes at the perfect time.

After signing on to represent 888, the UFC Welterweight title holder said, “I have wanted to play poker for a while now as it is a great game of skill. It is not just your cards versus my cards – it is you versus your opponent.” He continued by discussing how his efforts on the poker table will go a long way towards generating money for anti-bullying causes.

If you can believe it, the Canadian was once bullied as a kid growing up in St. Isadore, Quebec. It was this terrible experience that convinced him to take up martial arts, which, as we know today, helped turn St-Pierre into one of the greatest MMA fighters the world has ever seen.

In fact, Georges St-Pierre is at the top of many pound-for-pound rankings, which compare all MMA competitors, assuming they were the same weight. His career record is 22-2, which is extremely impressive considering the fact that he only fights top-notch competition these days.

Of course, it’s unlikely that St-Pierre’s grappling and striking skills will translate well over to the felt. But it would be nice to see the champion fighter improve his poker skills over the next few months, and rack up some nice cashes.

WSOP November Nine Format Gone?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Since 2008, the World Series of Poker has been running their Main Event under the November Nine format, where the final nine players meet in November to decide the tournament results. Of course, since the first portion of the WSOP Main Event ends in July, this creates a four-month gap before the final table is decided.

It wasn’t always this way though since the WSOP used to run the Main Event and final table within the same two weeks. However, the change was made in 2008 to create more buildup for the tournament, and help ESPN earn higher TV ratings. But after four years with this experiment, WSOP officials are starting to wonder if the November Nine format is turning people off of the Main Event.

Seth Palansky, who is the WSOP Communications Director, spoke about this subject by telling reporters, “We’re committed to it but I think what we learned over the summer with the live and taped programming is that we’re going to have to revisit the concept after this November. If you’re doing something live do you really need to delay it four months and try to build this anticipation to get people to watch? It doesn’t quite work.”

The 2011 WSOP Main Event final table will meet this Sunday to determine who wins the $8.7 million top prize. So far, no drop-off is expected in the ESPN ratings since enthusiasm is high for the final segment of the tournament, but if the WSOP notices any drop at all, they could be going back to the regular format.

That said, most poker fans would probably welcome the change because that way, they wouldn’t have to wait four months just to see the tournament play out. But we’ll have to wait and see what the WSOP and ESPN end up determining in the end.

Matt Perrins wins WSOP 2-7 Draw Lowball during First Time Playing

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

The World Series of Poker isn’t exactly the best place to try out a new poker game. After all, the WSOP is full of the best live poker players in the world. However, Matthew Perrins felt perfectly comfortable trying to parlay his Texas Hold’em skills into a 2-7 Draw Lowball tournament. And what’s funny about this story is that Perrins won Event #9 and $102k despite barely knowing how to play the game.

In order to learn how to play 2-7 Draw Lowball, Perrins watched a few YouTube videos, and that was it. He picked up the rest by asking fellow opponents how to play the game.

As Perrins told the media, “During Day One and the first three or four hours, I was not sure what was going on. I was getting into a few hands, and I was not sure what I should do here. So, I ended up speaking to some of my mates. I started to pick it up. As the tournament got deeper, it was kind of similar to Hold’em as in where being aggressive and three-betting will get you a lot of chips. That’s where I started moving toward the final table.”

As for his strategy during the tournament, Perrins told reporters, “I knew that everyone had a lot more experience than me, but since I was able to play it a bit like Hold’em, they would fold. When I three-bet and was aggressive, it worked.”

Perrins wildly celebrated with friends and other players after winning his first WSOP bracelet. With the WSOP victory and $102,095 in winnings, the Brit now has almost $655k in live tournament winnings. In addition to this, Perrins is also a very good online poker player who has carved out a very successful career.

World Series Of Poker 2011 Schedule Announced

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Whether you like to play in live tournaments yourself or just like to follow them to see who the big winners are, you’ll want to check out the schedule for the WSOP 2011, which was just announced last week. The series will consist of 58 events, which is one more than last year, and there have been some rule changes as well.

The two major rule changes will be as follows:

  1. All tournament games will have pre-scheduled stop times. In previous years, play ended based on the number of players remaining in the game, but games could end late into the night. Now, tournament play will end after the tenth level of blinds at 12:45 in the morning. Games beginning at 5pm will end after the eighth level of blinds, closing at the day at 2 in the morning.
  2. The WSOP games will be open for late registration through all four levels of tournament play (not including the Main Event, of course), or when the tournament has completely filled up.

The 2011 WSOP will open on May 31 with a Casino Employees No-Limit Hold’em, 2-day $500 event. The final Championship games will take place in July, though the date of the Final Table has yet to be determined. $1,500 events will be played every Saturday and $1,000 events every Sunday throughout the course of the WSOP.

WSOP Bracelet Winners Cashing In On eBay

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Last week I wrote about how Australian poker pro Tony G was trying to win Peter Eastgate’s WSOP Main Event bracelet for his dog Zasko in an auction on eBay. Unfortunately, Zasko won’t be able to sport the WSOP bling around his neck, as another mysterious bidder, “7***1”, won the bracelet with his (or her) bid of $147,500. Peter Eastgate put his bracelet up for auction in order to raise money for UNICEF, but he isn’t the only one cashing in his bracelet on eBay.

T.J. Cloutier sold his 2005 $2,500 Hold’em event bracelet on eBay, via a Texas pawnshop as well and now yet another player is heading to eBay with a WSOP bracelet. Paul “Eskimo” Clark is a three-time WSOP bracelet winner, but has fallen off the poker radar since around 2003. His bracelet wins include a $5000 Stud Limit 7 Card Stud victory in 1997, a $1500 Razz winning in 1999, and a $1500 Limit 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo event winning in 2002. He’s seen over $2.6 million in tournament winnings over the course of his poker career.

Eskimo Clark’s Razz bracelet is now up for auction on eBay and isn’t looking to come anywhere close to the success of Eastgate’s Main Event bracelet. With just a little over 1 day to go, the current bid is a mere $3,850. It is not clear who is putting the bracelet up for auction, but as the item location is in Ireland it seems as though Eskimo Clark parted with his bracelet years ago.

Will Tony G’s Dog Sport The First Ever WSOP Dog Bling?

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Australian poker pro Tony G wants to get his first World Series Of Poker bracelet the easy way—by buying it. He announced on his blog that he wants to be the winning bidder for Peter Eastgate’s WSOP Main Event bracelet, which Eastgate is auctioning off on eBay. And what does he want to do with the bracelet, you might ask? Well, turn it into a collar for his dog, of course!

Tony G wrote about his plans on his blog. He said, “What am I going to do with Peter’s bracelet? Well, the plan is to get it adapted into a special collar for my trusted German Shepherd Zasko. The ultimate dog bling—as my gladiator and protector he deserves to be kitted out in such style. You may not think I am serious, but I am deadly serious—my dog is going to be wearing the Great Dane Eastgate’s bracelet—mark my words.”

Unfortunately, Tony G’s initial bid of $17,500 was quickly surpassed, but Tony G isn’t giving up. He says, “Carry on bidding, this bracelet is going to go for six figures. I respect Zasko too much to not pay what it takes but I do have limits. For $2 million I could buy him his own private jet!”

For those of you wondering why Peter Eastgate is auctioning off his WSOP bracelet, he is doing it to raise money for UNICEF. Tony G says that he wants to win the bracelet to make his dog a UNICEF ambassador. But I think it may be a little slap in the face to the WSOP to turn one of their sought-after bracelets into a dog collar.

Tom “durrr” Dwan Wins Nearly $1 Million In First Week Of August

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Now that the World Series Of Poker is over, many of the world’s top poker players are making their way back to the world of online poker and Tom “durrr” Dwan is blowing all the other fish out of the water. Dwan won a whopping $911,148 within the first week of August. Can you imagine winning nearly $1 million in a single week?

Dwan has been crushing his opponents in high stakes games online and even claimed the largest online poker pot in August – winning a $200,000 hand against Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies. Dwan’s August wins only account for a small portion of his 2010 winnings. So far he has raked in $3.9 million in poker winnings this year. Poker players around the globe are jumping at the bit for a success like Dwan’s.

There are other players who are doing quite well so far in August as well, although none have come close to Dwan’s success. Phil Ivey has won $569,000 so far this month and Jared “Harrington25” Bleznik has won $353,071. However, just as many players are headed in the other direction. Dutch online poker player Luukie 21 lost $678,939 in the first week of the month and Gus Hansen lost $606,287.

These stories show the great potential for making (and losing) money in the world of online poker. You never know which way the wind will blow for you, but I wish all of you luck in your online poker endeavors and may the wind blow a little bit of Dwan’s luck in your direction!