Trickett’s Hot Fiance, Natasha Sandhu, lands PokerTube Job

Those who are familiar with the poker career of Sam Trickett may have heard of his fiance, Natasha Sandhu. The beautiful model has been with Sam for nine years and is sometimes the subject of poker gossip.

The reason why we’re discussing her now is because she’s landed a new gig with PokerTube. She’ll be doing interviews and providing an inside look at poker rooms and tournaments.

In her first video blog, Sandhu visits Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dwan, where she takes viewers into the Trickett Room. This is only fitting when you see pictures of her fiance plastered all over the room. It’s a little hard to hear the interview that she does because of the background noise. But the audio is a lot better when Sandhu shows footage of a cash game that’s taking place in the Trickett Room.

Another section of the clip shows Sandhu interviewing her equally hot sister, Danielle, a Trickett Room host. This portion mainly focuses on the laid-back vibe in the poker room and how the players enjoy being there.

All in all, the vBlog that Sandhu does isn’t too bad, despite the previously discussed background and audio issues. It definitely looks like she’s got what it takes to bring interesting content to viewers in the future. It’ll especially be nice to see what she comes up with at the World Series of Poker this summer. Trickett, the new Everest Poker ambassador, will be playing in around 25 bracelets events at the 2014 WSOP, so Sandhu will no doubt be hanging around Vegas plenty as well.

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