How to Choose a Poker Table Online

One of the most frequently overlooked factors about playing poker online is deciding which table you will play at. Contrary to popular belief, not all poker tables are created equal. Once you’ve determined which poker variation you want to play and the stakes you want to play at you still may have your pick of 20 or more different tables you can join. So how do you decide which is the “right” table?

The list of tables in the poker lobby at most poker sites gives you specific details about each table. You can usually find out how many players have been at each table, how long the table has been filled, the size of the players’ stacks at each table, average pot size, the percentage of players seeing the flop and more.

As a rule of thumb, a table at which most players have small stacks and at which a large majority of players are seeing the flop will have more non-skilled players than a table with huge stacks. You’ll want to choose this table. If you are looking for a table of aggressive players then choose one with a large average pot size. However, be prepared for a challenge! If you are a great heads up player then try starting your own game. As soon as one more player joins you you’ll have the opportunity to show off your heads up skills.

Remember as well that you can usually enter a room and watch before you sit down to play. Size up the competition and decide whether or not this is the table for you.

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