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Dan Bilzerian Claims Dan “Jungleman” Cates Cheated Bill Perkins in Poker

Thursday, May 28th, 2020

A few days ago, recreational poker player Bill Perkins claimed that he was the victim of a cheating scandal. He notes that multiple “poker heroes” took advantage of him.

Unfortunately, Perkins has yet to provide the full details of this incident. However, fellow recreational player Dan Bilzerian offered his account on the matter.

Bilzerian claims that Dan “Jungleman” Cates was part of the cheating. He says Cates “ghosted” Perkins in a high-stakes game.

Ghosting refers to when one player coaches another during an online poker game. Meanwhile, the opponent doesn’t realize that they’re competing against somebody who’s receiving coaching.

Cates Admits to Ghosting Perkins

Jungleman has admitted to and apologized for ghosting Perkins in a game. However, he claims that he wasn’t the only one involved in the cheating incident. Cates’ story aligns with the one that Perkins teased recently. The latter notes that he was victimized by multiple players.

The only detail Perkins gave at the time was that Jason Koon is the lone player involved who didn’t cheat him. Now, he’s opening up more on the matter.

Perkins claims that he was supposed to be playing against recreational players through a poker app. However, the so-called recreational accounts were headed by professionals.

Cates has been called out by Bilzerian and multiple other players over the incident. He now admits to playing under and coaching an unknown player/account named “Sina Taleb.”

“I thought since many on the site were using pros to play for them (which was clear by the uniquely high level of play) at the time,” Jungleman stated. “It felt acceptable for me to be playing.”

Cates adds that he didn’t mean to play many hands against Perkins. “I’m very sorry for that,” he notes.

Who Else Cheated Perkins?

Perhaps Bill Perkins is still gathering evidence on the cheating scandal. In any case, he hasn’t offered much information yet.

Cates is the only known ghosting pro so far. However, others will likely be revealed within the coming days or weeks.

New Jersey Online Poker Sets Monthly Revenue Record Amid COVID-19

Friday, May 15th, 2020

New Jersey online poker has lagged behind the rest of the state’s gaming market in terms of revenue. However, it recently got a big boost when NJ live poker rooms closed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Garden State’s three online poker operators earned $5,148,373 in total revenue in April. The $5.15 million is much higher than any previous month in the state’s six-plus years of offering online poker.

New Jersey also had a good month in March. NJ online poker sites set a then-record with $3,629,112 in rake. Prior to this, the record was $3.4 million in profits set back in January 2014.

How Do New Jersey Poker Sites Normally Perform?

Again, New Jersey hasn’t performed too well with internet poker compared to other types of gambling. Its sites normally rake between $1.5 million and $2 million each month.

The state’s online casino and sports betting revenue is much higher. But a major change has happened with the coronavirus still present and posing a threat.

Lawmakers forced casinos to close their live poker rooms. Now, internet poker is the only legal game in town.

Aside from the closures, many people are simply more motivated to play poker online. Even when poker rooms reopen, players may be tempted to continue playing through apps due to fears over COVID-19.

Will NJ Online Poker Continue Growing?

New Jersey online poker rooms are no doubt benefiting from the closures of live rooms. However, this period of growth won’t last forever.

Land-based rooms will be reopening in the near future. At this point, many residents and visitors will go back to hitting Atlantic City.

However, more people have joined NJ poker sites within the past few months. This increased number of players ensures that, at the very least, New Jersey online poker will remain fairly popular.

32Red Poker Will Close In Late May

Thursday, May 14th, 2020

32Red Poker is one of the industry’s longest-running online poker sites. However, it announced that it’ll shut down on May 19.

This poker site’s closure is in direct response to the Microgaming Poker Network shutting down. The MPN, which is best known for casino gaming, will soon be closing their network.

32Red Will Still Operate in Some Capacity

Again, 32Red Poker has been serving the gaming industry for 15 years. However, the company behind this site has decided to end its online poker segment.

Those visiting the site will see a message explaining the shutdown. Basically, the company failed to find another quality network to replace MPN.

But 32Red will continue offering both online casino games and sports betting. Poker players will still be able to log into their accounts and enjoy casino gaming and sports gambling.

Brief History of 32Red

32Red launched their internet poker room in 2005. It experienced great success as part of the MPN at the tail end of the poker boom.

However, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) convinced Microgaming to move out of the US in 2006. The MPN has had marginal success ever since.

As a whole, though, 32Red has experienced success in the European betting and casino markets. It has even inked major sponsorship deals with European football (soccer) clubs.

What Should Former 32Red Players Do?

Players still have until May 19 to play their final poker hands at 32Red. After this point, they’ll need to find another option or continue with just sports betting and casino games.

Many internet poker rooms still serve the European, Canadian, and other markets. That said, poker players have plenty of options when migrating from 32Red.

The online poker industry has seen a big spike ever since the coronavirus hit the world in early 2020. This uptick should continue into the foreseeable future.

West Virginia Online Poker Could Launch in June

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

The West Virginia Lottery Commission approved online poker on April 29. The measure now heads to the Secretary of State, Mac Warner, who’ll decide whether to accept or reject the online gaming package.

Assuming Warner approves the matter soon, West Virginia online poker sites could launch in June. If Warner takes his time, then the market might have to wait until July or later.

WV Poker Sites Ready to Go

John Myers, head of the WV Lottery Commission, noted that the state’s online poker rooms are primed and read to go. They simply need the Secretary of State’s approval.

“Once approved, West Virginia casinos can begin offering iGaming under the emergency rules and [with] minimum internal controls,” Myers explained. “Those rules will be good for 15 months until the permanent legislative rule is adopted by the legislature.”

Poker isn’t the only form of gaming on the agenda. Online casinos will also be eligible to launch once Warner gives the okay.

The West Virginia Legislature approved the Lottery Interactive Wagering Act in March 2019. This laws lets gaming sites offer a casino and/or poker room.

Licensed sites can operate up to three casino and/or poker skins under its license. Operators must pay a $100,000 license fee and 15% tax on gross revenue.

Coronavirus Hastens Need for WV Online Gaming

The Mountaineer State has put a rush on internet gaming due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Online poker and casino traffic has spiked rapidly amid coronavirus fears and shutdowns.

West Virginia and other states are still unable to open their land-based casinos and poker rooms. Therefore, online gaming has suddenly become much more appealing.

The WV Lottery Commission would love to get online casinos and poker sites running ASAP. Doing so will allow them and operators to take advantage of the most-profitable point in US internet gaming history.

Phil Galfond Beats Dan “Jungleman” Cates in Online Poker Challenge

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

Phil Galfond has been challenging online poker heavyweights in high-stakes matchups. His latest opponent includes none other than Dan “Jungleman” Cates.

Galfond’s regular challenges consist of anywhere from 15,000 to 25,000 hands. For example, he beat “VeniVidi1993” by €1,600 (plus a €100,000 side bet) over 25,000 hands.

He’s moved on to long matches with Bill Perkins and “ActionFreak.” However, he took a break from these affairs to battle Cates in a one-day “mini” challenge.

Galfond Wins Handily Over Jungleman

Cates is known as one of the best high-stakes poker players in the world. He showed his skills in taking an early lead in the challenge between he and Galfond.

However, the latter really started dominating as the day went on. Galfond was up by as much as €150,000 at one juncture.

Jungleman would battle back in the later portions of the match. However, he still lost by a notable €90,000. VeniVidi1993 must also make a concession video that praises Galfond’s poker abilities.

The two poker pros are scheduled to play a longer Galfond Challenge. Cates will need to go back to the drawing board in preparation for this event.

In addition to losing tens of thousands of euros, Cates must make a video conceding that Galfond is the better player.

Other News Involving the Galfond Challenge

The Galfond Challenge is meant to drum up attention for Phil’s online poker site, Run It Once. So far, Galfond has done an excellent job at getting some publicity for his poker room.

He was down to VeniVidi1993 by over €900,000 at one point in their challenge. He launched an incredible comeback to pull out a slight victory and win the €100k side bet.

Galfond is currently battling both ActionFreak and Bill Perkins in lengthy challenges. He’ll play Jungleman again in the future.

Coronavirus Continues Boosting Online Poker Traffic Worldwide

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

The coronavirus has forced many people to rethink their entertainment options. Those wanting to minimize their exposure to this potentially deadly virus are finding ways to stay busy at home.

Online poker has become one of the more-popular entertainment methods during the COVID-19 pandemic. Internet poker play hasn’t quite reached pre-boom levels (2003 – 2006), but it’s definitely much higher than before the pandemic began.

PokerStars Boosts Guarantees to Capitalize

PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site, is taking advantage of the increased amount of people who are shut in. They’ve boosted guaranteed prize pools for some of their biggest events, including the Sunday Million.

The Sunday Million has historically offered a $1 million guaranteed prize pool. However, Stars increased this amount to $3 million last weekend.

24,686 players paid the initial $109 buy-in to compete in this event. This tourney racked up 8,998 re-entries for a total of 33,684 entries.

This large number of players pushed the total prize pool to $3,368,400. It also increased the winner’s prize to $237,093.

Other Poker Sites Also Benefiting from Coronavirus

Nobody should laud the advantages they gain from a deadly pandemic. However, online poker rooms can’t help but notice their increased traffic and revenue.

The Irish Poker Open, in partnership with partypoker, moved their longtime live tournament online this year. While this move might have broken tradition, it also drew a record 2,945 players.

The amount of entrants is all the more impressive when considering how 1,807 players competed in last year’s Irish Open.

888poker, Grosvenor Poker, Adda52, Americas Cardroom, and BetOnline are among the many poker sites that have seen higher traffic during the pandemic. ACR even held a charity tournament to benefit Feeding America during this troubling time.

With COVID-19 threatening to remain in society for the foreseeable future, online poker will continue providing a popular entertainment option.

ARJEL Wants French Online Poker Sites to Cool It with Big Bonuses

Friday, April 17th, 2020

France, like many countries, has seen a big spike in online poker traffic amid the COVID-19 pandemic. French poker sites are taking advantage by trying to lure new players with big bonuses.

However, ARJEL, the nation’s internet gaming regulator, has warned operators to avoid taking advantage of people with these offers. ARJEL sent a memo to online poker rooms stating that they’re monitoring the sudden spike in bonus offers.

Cornavirus Inspires Unusually Large Poker Bonuses

France doesn’t outlaw internet poker sites from using signup bonuses as promotions. However, ARJEL wants to ensure that sites aren’t using the coronavirus as an excuse to pump up offers and lure unsuspecting players.

“This significant increase of online poker has led ARJEL to call on operators to be very vigilant. As such, operators should not multiply incentives to gambling by bonuses,” states their memo.

The gaming governing body also asks operators to monitor the influx of new players coming in. They want to ensure that the number of problem gamblers doesn’t suddenly spike.

France Online Poker Traffic Surges Amid Coronavirus

Many French poker sites are simply trying to capitalize on what’s been the most-lucrative period in the market’s history. Many gamblers are flooding internet poker rooms in light of few other entertainment options.

France has historically struggled with online poker traffic in relation to their population of 67 million people. Operators see this as a chance to finally make significant profits after years of disappointing revenue.

They’ve jumped at the opportunity by throwing out some of their biggest bonuses yet. This aspect has caused ARJEL to go on alert.

France’s internet poker traffic has been aided somewhat by liquidity sharing with other countries. But even liquidity sharing hasn’t caused the same spike as the coronavirus.

This pandemic has also increased online poker play in many other nations throughout the world. Other global operators are likely taking advantage with bigger bonuses as well.

UKGC Online Gambling Credit Card Ban Will Hurt Poker

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

The UK Gambling Commission made an interesting decision to ban online gaming credit card payments. This move wipes out the most-popular way to deposit at internet gambling sites.

Proponents hailed the move as a way to reduce problem gambling. Of course, it’ll also hamper every form of internet gaming, including online poker.

Why Did the UKGC Ban Credit Cards at Online Gambling Sites?

Tom Watson, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, first began pushing for this ban in 2017. He vowed to make good on this policy if the Labour Party became the majority.

Watson didn’t win reelection and stepped down as the party’s deputy leader in 2019. However, the UKGC picked this torch up and began pushing for credit cards to be dropped as a payment method.

The Gambling Commission researched the matter and found that 800,000 out of the UK’s 10.5 million online gamblers use credit cards. Furthermore, 22% of this group falls into the problem gambling category.

“It is a ban which ultimately reduces the risks of harm to consumers from gambling with money they do not have,” said UKGC chief executive Neil McArthur.

This decision also affects land-based gambling venues too. Betting shops won’t be able to accept credit card payments either.

Will UK Online Poker Remain Strong?

The move to ban credit card deposits will no doubt have a negative effect on internet poker. After all, thousands of Brits make credit card payments every day to play online poker.

However, people still have other options for funding their accounts. They can use e-wallets, bank transfers, prepaid cards, and wire transfers, among other options.

Of course, credit cards offer an easier route towards placing deposits. Online poker sites should see a slight dip in traffic as a result of the ban.

Ben Affleck, Tom Brady Playing in ACR Charity Online Poker Tournament

Friday, April 10th, 2020

Several professional athletes and celebrities have agreed to play in a charity online poker tournament on Americas Cardroom (ACR). The proceeds will go towards feeding the needy.

Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, and Adam Sandler headline the famous people who’ll compete in this event. The No-limit Texas hold’em tourney will cap the amount of entrants at 75 players.

More on the Charity Poker Tournament Proceeds

This ACR poker tourney is raising proceeds for the Feeding America charity. The latter is especially important right now when considering that the coronavirus is causing bigger food shortages than normal.

Affleck is part of a group that’s already raised $1 million for the cause. He’s passionate about improving this amount through the ACR event.

“Excited to announce that I have joined forces with @FeedingAmerica, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, to raise money for folks who need it most,” he stated through Instagram.

Who Are the Celebrity Poker Players?

As mentioned before, Affleck, Sandler, and Brady are among those who’ll take the cyber felt on April 11. However, plenty of other celebrities will join the mix too.

Tobey Maguire, Sarah Silverman, Jon Hamm, Matt Damon, and Adam Levins are among those who’ll log onto ACR for a good cause.

These A-listers are sure to help ACR generate funds for Feeding America. It’ll also no doubt draw more traffic and railbirds to Americas Cardroom.

The latter has been running for nearly a decade and a half. It operates as an offshore online poker site that serves many unregulated states throughout the US.

PokerStars Founder Isai Scheinberg Pleads Guilty to Running an Illegal Gambling Business

Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Isai Scheinberg, who founded PokerStars in the early 2000s, has pleaded guilty to operating an unlawful online gambling business. He entered his plea with the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York (SDNY).

Scheinberg was part of the 2011 Black Friday indictments issued by SDNY against online poker figureheads. He now becomes the last of the 11 indicted individuals to settle his case.

SDNY Pleased with the Guilty Plea

US Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman is pleased to wrap up this final Black Friday case. He issued the following statement:

“Ten years ago, this Office charged 11 defendants who operated, or provided fraudulent payment processing services to, three of the largest online poker companies then operating in the United States … with operating illegal gambling businesses and other crimes.

“As Isai Scheinberg’s guilty plea today shows, the passage of time will not undermine this Office’s commitment to holding accountable individuals who violate US law.”

Scheinberg Was Arrested in Switzerland

Scheinberg had been evading the charges against him for almost a decade. But last year, Switzerland authorities arrested him and extradited Scheinberg to the United States.

The 73-year-old initially planned to appeal the extradition. However, he gave up this plan and agreed to fly from Switzerland to New York. After landing, he surrendered to US law enforcement and was released on a $1 million bond.

At first, Scheinberg pleaded not guilty to any charges. He changed his mind, though, and accepted a deal where he’ll plead guilty to one charge of running an illegal internet gambling business.

This charge carries a maximum of five years in prison. Judge Lewis A. Kaplan will sentence the former PokerStars head man at a TBA date.

“In pleading guilty today, Scheinberg admitted that he knew operating a business that offered internet poker to New Yorkers violated state law, and that it was the clear position of the US government that offering online poker in the United States violated federal law,” read an SDNY press release.