Poker Scammer steals $280k – Confesses after speaking with God

What do you do when you’ve stolen $280,000 from the poker community? For most, the answer would be to hide out and try to get away with the crime for as long as possible. But for Justin Archuleta, the answer was to confess his sins to the TwoPlusTwo community and offer up a list of everybody whom he’s scammed.

Archuleta outlined his activities by explaining how he used everything from Keyloggers to Chase Quickpay Scams to steal thousands of dollars from various players. He also worked with another individual, whose name he doesn’t know, to rip off TwoPlusTwo users.

So what made Archuleta decide to come clean and work out a plan to repay the defrauded? Here’s one excerpt from his confession:

I am in no way, shape, or form proud of what I have done.

I have repented seriously with God in July and cried hard. I feel really bad for what I’ve done and wish that all my victims give me a chance to make things right. I’ve come a long long way to get to this point. My last scam was last year around August for $8000 to young_bluffkin.

Please forgive me, I was desperate, lacked self control, and didn’t know the seriousness of what I was doing.

It’s obvious that Archuleta wants to try and make things right for the crimes that he committed. However, there are also some people who were seriously affected by these scams and aren’t quite ready to forgive him. As you can read in the TwoPlusTwo thread, there are hundreds of posts admonishing Archuleta for what he did. But while his crimes are truly terrible, at the very least, it’s good that he came forward and has promised to pay people back.