Dan Cates and Viffer in Heated Argument over Side Bet

Dan “jungleman12” Cates claims he’s made an agreement with Tom Dwan that will finally get the durrrr Challenge started again. It’s been a long time since both players have squared off against each other, and Cates hopes they can finally finish the 50k hands they set out to play in 2010.

An interesting side story that’s been developing lately is a feud between Cates and live cash pro David “Viffer” Peat. These two entered into a prop bet on the durrrr Challenge, whereby Viffer put lots of money on Dwan to win. Cates explained this by telling PokerListings, “I booked a 20% crossbook with Viffer for the durrrr Challenge. I also did a side bet of $50k to his $62k.”

The story took a big turn recently when Cates was playing a $2k/$4k cash game in Vegas. Viffer had a piece of Jungleman’s action, due to business he’d done with other guys that Cates knew. After the session was over, Jungleman paid Viffer his $160k stake, and the latter said, “By the way, I’m not paying you for the durrrr Challenge.”

Cates said Peat strongly believes that Black Friday incident was an “act of god” and like a “rain delay in baseball” where everything was a wash. So because of this, the cross bet between he and Cates should supposedly be off.

Jungleman countered by saying that nearly everybody in the poker community sides with him over Viffer. He cited a situation where nobody on TwoPlusTwo backed Peat’s argument after he explained his side of the story.

Cates ended by saying that he thinks Viffer is trying to avoid paying up in this bet and nobody should do business with him in the future. Considering that Cates is already commanding quite a bit of attention over this matter, it’s likely that people will at least think twice before making another prop bet with Viffer.

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