Free Poker Isn’t Just for Beginners

I’ve been playing real money poker for years. However, although I enjoy the rush I get from playing money games I still enjoy free poker. Sure, it’s a great way for newbies to learn the rules of the game, strategies and tricks of the trade. But free poker games can be fun for everyone.

There are a couple of situations that I think free poker games are great in. For starters, sometimes you are simply in a money crunch. Everyone has bills to pay and when you just can’t afford playing real money games playing for free can be a great way to still enjoy the game and keep your skills up until you can build your poker bankroll up once again.

I also like to play free poker games when I learn about new poker strategies. For instance, if you’ve just learned about continuation betting (also known as the c-bet) it’s better not to try it out for the first time when you have real money on the line. Playing for free gives you a chance to try out these new skills, practice them and decide if you want to use them when playing for money.

There are all sorts of free poker games on the Web. You can play a Flash game against the computer or compete for fun against other real poker players from all over the world. Free poker isn’t just for beginners anymore!

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