Gus Hansen – Still an Online Poker Loser

From 2009 to 2010, Gus Hansen became this lovable sort of online poker loser that just couldn’t stop spewing millions. It got so bad at one point that many people questioned his decision to keep battering his bankroll and reputation against the top online players.

After hitting rock bottom in August of 2010 – when he’d lost over $9.2 million – Hansen magically started getting better. Okay, so maybe it was more hard work and perseverance, but the point is that the Great Dane suddenly became this elite player.

While taking on some of the world’s best high stakes PLO players, the Great Dane managed to rack up over $6 million in winnings from September, 2010 to June, 2011. He was the talk of the poker world too during this incredible run, and many players thought that Hansen had finally conquered the game.

Unfortunately, Gus’ great run came to an end when Full Tilt Poker lost their license in June of 2011. With much of his bankroll wrapped up on the site, Hansen was forced to stop playing high stakes online games for a while. But after 16 months of being stagnant, Full Tilt has their license back and Hansen is on the tables again.

Sadly this hasn’t really been a good thing for Gus because he’s dropped over $2 million in less than a month. It’s difficult to pinpoint what the exact problem is right now, but it is clear that Hansen isn’t showing the same dominance he displayed in late 2010/2011. And now his overall losses sit at around $5.2 million, which is among the worst in poker history.

Hopefully Gus Hansen can find what made him so great last year again, but he’d better do it quick because the losses are mounting!

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