Hit and Run Poker Strategy

The typical way that skilled poker players make money is by sitting at the table for a few hours, analyzing all of their opponents, and using these observations to outplay them. Of course, not everybody is a skilled player who’s spent thousands of hours at the table. And the less poker strategy you know, the harder it is to take advantage of other players based on their tendencies.

So what some amateur poker players like to do is what’s called a “hit and run.” In other words, they sit at the table for a little while, win a few hands, and leave while they’ve still ahead in the profits category. The reason this strategy sometimes works for beginners is because the better players don’t have time to analyze them.

Now we’re not going to lie to you…veteran players hate the hit and run poker strategy. However, since the goal in poker is to win money, most people have few morals with regards to how they do it.

Using the hit and run is a little easier in online poker because everything is faceless, and the worst you’re going to get is a negative chat box comment right after leaving the table (which you probably won’t see anyways). Most people are a little more leery of doing this is live poker games because some of the players will say mean things as you’re collecting chips and leaving.

Assuming you want to avoid any¬†harassment¬†in live poker with the hit and run strategy, you can always play another orbit or two after winning a big hand. Sure it will cost you a few blinds, but if you’re folding every hand until leaving the table, at least it looks like you’re not just running with some quick profits.

But we should warn you that it’s tough to make big profits with this method, so keeping learning poker strategy on the side if you plan on utilizing the hit and run method. That way, you’ll eventually be able to stay at the tables and make even bigger profits.

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