Interview reveals why Gus Hansen lost $13.6m in Online Poker

With over $10 million in online poker losses over the past year, Gus Hansen is spiraling out of control. The sad thing is that the losses just keep coming too since he’s dropped around $2.5 million in the last month alone.

So what’s the reasoning behind this maddening online poker losing streak? Will Hansen ever give up the game – or at least the ridiculously high stakes he plays? The Great Dane revealed all of this and more in a recent interview with FlopTurnRiver (see below).

The most interesting question was asked right away as Hansen was pressed for a reason why he’s done so badly. And the three-time WPT champion gave a three-fold response that included the following points:

1) He’s been rusty after taking a year and a half off of online poker following Black Friday. Plus he plays against the top players in the world.

2) He hasn’t played his A-game and sometimes has distractions in the background like the TV.

3) He’s run really bad over the past year.

Hansen went on to say that he continually chooses to compete against the world’s best players because he learns things from them. However, the Great Dane is starting to ponder stepping down the intense level of competition if things don’t turn around in the near future.

One aspect about Hansen’s financial situation that may amaze people is how he still has money left to play. He admitted that he’s “not Bill Gates” and can’t afford to keep losing at this rate. However, Hansen does say he “still has money in his pocket” and implied that he’ll keep playing high stakes online poker while trying to turn things around.

Continually running up against “Sallywoo” and “Alexonmoon” doesn’t exactly seem like a recipe to reverse Hansen’s fortunes. So resisting the temptation of competing against these players is going to be one of his biggest challenges.

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