More and More Men Winning “Ladies Only” Poker Tournaments

Over the past few months an interesting new trend has come to my attention-men competing in women’s poker tournaments and winning. In September, Abraham Korotki took home the title, and $20,982, in the Borgata Poker Open Ladies Event and last week another male player joined the ranks of Ladies tournament winners.

Greg Sessler just took home $9,900 for winning the Lake Tahoe Ladies Championship, part of a WSOP circuit. Sessler says that he wanted to enter the $340 ladies event because he just felt like playing some poker on his day off. A lot of players are up in arms as a result of Sessler’s win. He was not the only man playing in the tournament and each time a man was eliminated the crowd went wild with cheering. When Sessler won, sufficed to say the crowd was not too pleased.

In recent years more and ore women have begun playing poker for money and they are taking advantage of ladies only events as a starting point to get their name out in the poker world. It is a huge question of ethics as to whether men should be allowed to participate in these events. Of course, many people argue that it would be unfair to limit a poker tournament to men only, so why should tournaments for women only be allowed?

The WSOP is refusing to get involved in the matter, saying, “The WSOP isn’t a political organization and can’t be expected to get involved in debates about sexism, discrimination or other polarizing issues which may be applicable to poker tournaments.”