Does Phil Hellmuth know about Online Poker Legalization?

2011 has been a very good year for Phil Hellmuth since he managed to finish second in three WSOP tournaments, and earn over $1.5 million with these three cashes alone. The only thing that seems to be missing from Hellmuth’s life right now is a good sponsorship deal. However, according to a recent Hellmuth interview, that may change along with the landscape of online poker in the United States.

Beginning with the latter, Hellmuth revealed his thoughts on online poker legalization to Short Stacked Radio by saying, “I wouldn’t be surprised if it passed before Feb. 1. I think there’s going to be the biggest explosion in poker history the minute (online poker) is legalized.”

These are certainly interesting thoughts on the matter since many people are still in the dark on how online poker legalization is faring in the US. Assuming the American government does legalize and regulate internet poker in the near future, plenty of people stand to benefit, including Hellmuth as he stated, “I happen to be in a pretty lucky position where we have had more than one discussion recently, you know, there’s some very big companies and some very big people that are starting to get ready for the legalization of online poker.”

The Poker Brat also hinted that it won’t be long before he picks up a new sponsorship deal by saying, “You may find me signing something in the next two weeks. You may find me signing with a company that no one’s ever heard of. Don’t be surprised if that happens.”

The last comment definitely raises some eyebrows because there are a number of companies that could offer Hellmuth a lucrative deal provided internet poker does happen in America. Assuming it does, you can guarantee that a number of online poker sites will be clamoring for the services of an 11-time WSOP gold bracelet winner.

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