Reducing Variance in MTT’s

Playing in multi-table poker tournaments is always great when you’re on a hot streak and collecting big cashes. However, you might get the urge to quit when things aren’t going so well and you haven’t cashed in a while. This being the case, it’s important to do what you can to reduce variance in MTT’s, and put yourself on a consistent path towards earning money in poker tournaments.

Play in Deepstacked Tournaments

Perhaps the best way to cut down on variance in MTT’s is by playing in deepstacked events. This is especially the case if you’re a knowledgeable player who’s been on the short side of luck lately. By sticking with deepstacked tourneys, you have more of a chance to wait for solid opportunities and use skill to finish well. Turbos, on the other hand, make it tougher to consistently do good because you have to take more risks with a shorter stack.

Focus on Smaller Poker Tournaments

This might be an easy pointer, but rather than playing in MTT’s with huge field sizes, you should put your focus on smaller tournaments. Now this isn’t always easy because we all want to hit the big tournament score. But playing in poker tournaments with smaller field sizes presents a much better opportunity to consistently cash.

Don’t lose Sight of Bigger Cashes

So far we’ve discussed how you can reduce variance and consistently make money in MTT’s. But this isn’t to say that you should put your focus on simply cashing – which can lead to mincashes – because it’s also important to look for bigger money too. After all, a mincash is typically less than double your original buy-in, which means you’d have to cash in over half of the poker tournaments you enter to break even. So make sure to take advantage of +EV situations when the opportunity arises, instead of being overly-conservative jsut to cash.

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