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Poker Night in America incites Massive Twitter Battle

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Who knew that a group of poker pros sitting around a table and bullshitting with each other would incite such anger? WSOP bracelet winner Allen Bari recently stirred up some emotions when tweeting his opinion on how bad it was that David “ODB” Baker was the show’s biggest name. This drew the attention of PNIA’s creator, Todd Anderson, and the twitter battle was on:

Todd Anderson – @allenbari @PokerNightTV @audavidb only because we couldn’t get you!! Whiners not allowed!!!!!!

Allen Bari – @PokerNight_Todd @PokerNightTV @audavidb I wish I was watching the usual bull fight/Nascar rather than this poker show you guys puked up

Todd Anderson – @allenbari @PokerNightTV @audavidb Well why don’t you? 800 channels to watch but you always find @PokerNightTV How does that happen?

Allen Bari – @PokerNight_Todd @PokerNightTV @audavidb I enjoy seeing what not to do when creating a poker show.. using it for research purposes buddy

Todd Anderson – @allenbari @PokerNightTV @audavidb Critics are easy to find. How about you create something yourself buddy? I DARE You

Allen Bari – @PokerNight_Todd @PokerNightTV Dare accepted.. I think I’ll create a food business, btw thx for running out of content that u had to use me

Todd Anderson – @allenbari @PokerNightTV I doubt you could create a decent bowel movement. And will never use you again so stop watching. @please #loser

Allen Bari – @PokerNight_Todd @PokerNightTV remember me when you look back on this time and realize what an awful product you put into the world

Todd Anderson – @allenbari @PokerNightTV remember me in 5 years when this show is a world wide reality and airs every night. Bet on it. @whineyassbitch

Todd Anderson – @allenbari @PokerNightTV And you obviously want to be on the show. It’s Shakespearian. “You doth protest too much” Sorry. #never

Allen Bari – I love the nights where I get out of line on twitter, and weed out those that follow me but are begging to be blocked

Did Bari poke the hornets’ nest because he’s jealous of not being on the show? Perhaps, but he’s been known to stir up trouble in the past anyways. And Anderson definitely didn’t sit back and take Bari’s comments with a grain a salt. In any case, I don’t agree with Bari that this is a terrible show and I recommend that you watch it below:

Poker Pro Jeff Madsen Moving To Israel On A Prop Bet

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

As if the world of professional poker wasn’t exciting enough, many poker players have been known to up the ante with personal prop bets. Over the years, prop bets have resulted in vegan poker players eating meat, players golfing for $18,000 per hole, running marathons and more. However, for the first time in history a player is moving to Israel on a prop bet!

Jeff Madsen posted his bizarre prop bet on Twitter with the tweet, “Just accepted a sick prop bet: I have to move to Israel until the World Series, no outside contact with friends, no cell phone, etc. 50k bet.” Madsen leaves for Israel tomorrow, April 15. He must stay in Israel until the start of the World Series of Poker on May 28.

How did this crazy prop bet come about? Madsen says he met a rich businessman at a charity event a few weeks ago and the subject of crazy prop bets came up. Madsen said he needed some extra money and the businessmen propositioned him with the idea of moving to Israel for 50k. Madsen agreed.

This isn’t the first crazy prop bet for Madsen. He recently was involved in a bet with Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith in which the first two players to bust out of the game would get a tattoo of the winner’s face. Madsen was second to bust out and got Smith’s face tattooed on his body.