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Daniel Negreanu pissed that Rafael Nadal won

Friday, December 20th, 2013

A little over a week ago, Rafael Nadal won his first live poker tournament at the EPT Prague celebrity event. Not only did Nadal generate €50,000 for charity with this victory, but he also gained a little respect from the poker community…that is, unless you’re talking about Daniel Negreanu.

According to TMZ, Negreanu merely thinks that the tennis star got lucky whenever they tangled horns on the felt. “He got two lucky hands,” Negreanu said, “that’s the only reason why he beat me.”

The two hands that Negreanu is referring to saw Nadal double up through the 6-time WSOP champion and add to his stack. On one occasion, Rafa was all-in with Q-3 against Daniel’s A-9, and still took this hand down. The other hand was more of a coinflip since Negreanu’s pocket 3’s were cracked by Nadal’s Q-9 combo.

When you look at these two hands, it really only appears that Rafa got lucky in one case. Nevertheless, ‘KidPoker’ is ready for a rematch and is pretty confident that he’d pull out the win. “I’m down and ready to go for a rematch! I’d win this time. Obviously. I’m suppose to win every time.”

We have to agree with Negreanu’s assessment on how another poker game between he and Nadal would go. After all, the Canadian has been playing in poker tournaments since 1997, and he’s earned $19,549,209 throughout his illustrious career. With his massive total in winnings, Negreanu ranks third all-time behind Antonio Esfandiari and Sam Trickett.

Nadal may not bring this same pedigree, but he has been working to improve his poker game. The 13-time Grand Slam tennis champion started playing online poker in July of 2012, and has continually worked to iron out leaks. But even with his recent dedication to poker, it’s unlikely that Nadal could keep out-performing Negreanu.

Daniel Negreanu quits EPT Barcelona after Controversial Ruling

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Having been playing live poker tournaments since 1998, Daniel Negreanu knows quite a bit about how they’re run. And he certainly wasn’t happy with how the EPT Barcelona High Roller was run. In fact, KidPoker got so angry that he stormed out of the tournament after basically giving up.

The controversy started when Negreanu was allegedly not in his seat when the first card of a hand was dealt. The dealer then called for the “first card” rule, which says that players must be in their seats when the initial card is dealt, otherwise their hand is dead.

Thinking that the rule was being enforced a little too strictly, Negreanu got angry about the matter and the tournament director was called over. The TD upheld this decision, which meant that the hand was indeed dead. What ensued involved Negreanu going all-in on the very next hand, busting out, then storming off in a rage. Afterward, he tweeted the following:

– The first card off the deck rule is so poorly enforced it makes me not even want to play! So absurdly anti player and customer service!

– I put my small blind in and was standing next to my chair. Dealer kills my hand immediately. So I just literally quit the tourney lol

– I was 100% aware of the rule and did NOT break the rule. It was ruled 100% incorrectly by the TD because the rule is absurdly stupid.

After cooling down for a while, Negreanu expressed his concerns about the first hand rule through a blog post. One excerpt from his post reads as follows:

I stood up from my chair to stretch my legs a little bit, threw in my ante and small blind awaiting the next hand. Obviously since I threw in my chips on my own, I was directly behind my chair. My friend at the table next to me said hello, so I looked over at him and said hello back. I moved maybe 12 inches to the left, still very much in arms reach of my chair. I was actually, in the moment, very conscious of the rule and knew it was important to not walk away from the table as my hand may be killed.

When I turn my attention back to the table the dealer scooped in my cards. I at first politely explained that I was standing right at my chair and my hand is live. The dealer argued that it wasn’t.

Assuming the five-time WSOP champ was indeed stretching, then this incident sounds like it was enforced a little too strictly. Of course, we only have Negreanu’s word to go on at this point. It would be interesting to hear the dealer’s side of the story.

Nevertheless, it seems as if the first card rule is quite unpopular across the board. Jason Mercier also tweeted in Negreanu’s defense by saying that they’ve both been trying to get the rule removed ever since it was implemented.

Daniel Negreanu picks well on Millionaire Matchmaker

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

A few weeks ago, we discussed how Daniel Negreanu was set to appear on the popular Bravo reality show “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” Well that day finally came as KidPoker sought out the advice of show host Patti Stangler in hopes of finding true love.

In the video introduction that he sent to Patti, Negreanu let her know that he’d dated a woman for four years, only to find out that “she’d been getting around” with other men. Because he was still hurt from this relationship, Stangler nicknamed him “Wounded Wally.”

Next up was an interesting trip to an astrologist, where the four-time WSOP champ learned that he wasn’t supposed to find his soulmate until at least 40 years old. The cosmic alignments must have been right in this case because Negreanu is 38 and still looking for that special lady.

After visiting the astrologist, Daniel went to a mixer that was set up by Stangler. The goal here was for Negreanu to meet a number of gorgeous women and find the one with an “Anna Farris” type of personality. He was eventually able to find one girl that met this ideal, and he took her on a date to Las Vegas.

The two seemed to hit it off right away as they checked out the set of a Vegas show and played blackjack. The latter actually led to the couple’s first kiss, and they only become more enamored with each other from here. Negreanu and his new blonde lover ended up spending a sexless night (at Patti’s request)  together at his Vegas house – thus sealing their perfect match. If you’re interested in seeing a few scenes from the episode, you can check out the video below:

Daniel Negreanu appearing on Millionaire Matchmaker

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Daniel Negreanu has accomplished just about everything one could hope for in the poker world. However, the 38-year-old divorcee has yet to conquer love, and he’ll appear on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker to try and find his soulmate.

Negreanu’s episode is appropriately entitled “Trying to Play the Cards Right,” and it will kick off the sixth season of Millionaire Matchmaker. While it’s unclear what all is going to happen in this episode, we do know that show host Patti Stangler sends the poker pro to an astrologist. You can check out a clip of him meeting the astrologist here.

As Negreanu says in the clip, he’s had bad experiences with astrologers in the past. However, he seems to like what the one on Millionaire Matchmaker has to say about his prospects of finding love. Based on the women that KidPoker normally goes after and hangs out with, we can only assume that any future love would involve an Asian woman.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see Negreanu’s latest appearance in front of the camera. The Toronto native has been in the movies Lucky You, The Grand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine as well as the Katy Perry music video “Waking Up in Vegas.”

As for his poker career, KidPoker has won $16,340,578 in live tournaments, which ranks him sixth all-time. Some of his most notable victories include four WSOP gold bracelets, the 2004 WPT Five Diamond Poker Classic, and the 2004 WPT Borgata Poker Open. He is also one of the faces of PokerStars – the world’s largest online poker site – and has faced some excellent internet players such as Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and limit hold’em specialist “RUaBot.”

Daniel Negreanu involved in Another Controversy

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Famed poker pro Daniel Negreanu has never been one to back down from controversy. He was the most vocal pro when it came to bashing those who ran Full Tilt Poker intothe ground, and the Canadian has frequently ripped Annie Duke and her brother Howard Lederer. However, he recently found someone outside of the poker world to get into it with.

Negreanu’s new beef was with a Philadelphia high school basketball coach named Nicholas Cusato. While we’ve yet to uncover what exactly started their fight, we do know that it involved some pretty heavy twitter exchanges. Here’s an excerpt from one of their conversations:

‘Daniel NegreanuVerified ‏@RealKidPoker’

Sarah looks waaaay better as a blond. Yeah that’s right, I went from ‪#Survivor to ‪#TheChallenge and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

‪@RealKidPoker when are you gonna come out of the closet?

‪@NickyCusato interesting question. I guess if I did you’d show me the ropes? Or “the rope” Hahahahaha!

‪@RealKidPoker na I’d probably just knock your teeth down your throat with a left hook

‪@NickyCusato goosefraba bro. You need some anger management classes.

KidPoker doesn’t normally get into twitter fights like these with anybody outside of the poker world. But it’s not surprising that Negreanu decided to send a zinger back when the basketball coach questioned his sexuality. Other casual observers and poker forum users have also made comments about Negreanu being gay too – possibly because he’s pretty ‘metro’ and isn’t married at the age of 38.

But when looking at the fact that the Canadian frequently travels around the world and makes millions of dollars annually through poker, it’s not surprising that he’s still single.

Daniel Negreanu talks Full Tilt Poker, Erick Lindgren

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Daniel Negreanu came out with yet another interesting interview as he discussed several subjects including Full Tilt Poker (again), Annie Duke, Erick Lindgren being broke, and a rumor that Layne Flack owes him money. First on the itinerary was how Negreanu thinks that it’s wrong how so many scumbags in the poker industry can keep screwing up, yet get high-profile jobs.

He cited Annie Duke as an example by saying that she represented UB Poker, and when they went down in scandal, she got a commissioner job with the Epic Poker League. This is sure to keep up the long-running feud that he’s had with Duke over the years.

Moving along, KidPoker also dropped the bombshell that he highly doubts former Full Tilt Poker players will be paid. Furthermore, he says that players need to forget about their money because Bernard Tapie is not going to complete the much-discussed FTP deal. Instead, he thinks that Tapie is just trying to make excuses for why the deal can’t be completed, such as Full Tilt pros owing the site money.

Another hot topic that was brought up was the subject of Erick Lindgren being broke. Negreanu stayed away from bashing Lindgren too hard, and chose to focus on how players who can’t pay back debts aren’t necessarily bad people – especially if they borrow with the intent to pay back the cash. During this discussion, the interviewer brought up a rumor about Layne Flack owing Daniel Negreanu money, which KidPoker chose to ignore.

One final point worth mentioning here is that Negreanu doesn’t think publicly outing those who owe money is productive. Instead, he believes that this makes it harder for the debtor to get the necessary money needed to pay others back. You can listen to the whole interview here.

Daniel Negreanu rants on Full Tilt Poker

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

To those who follow Daniel Negreanu, it’s pretty clear that he hates two things in life: 1) the Lederer family, and 2) Full Tilt Poker. And lately, Negreanu has been ranting on both of these subjects in-depth through some recent video blogs that he has released.

Now the whole point of the video blogs isn’t to bash Full Tilt Poker because Negreanu also discussed his trip to Sao Paolo, Brazil for the recent LAPT event. However, the videos have gained the most attention for what Negreanu has to say about FTP and the former owners.

In the first blog, which was entitled “VBlog with some Real Talk,” much of the blog was centered on how Jason Somerville came out and said that he was gay. The Canadian was a big supporter of Somerville coming out, and said that he was proud of the New Yorker for admitting he was gay.

Moving on to Full Tilt Poker subject, KidPoker backed up earlier comments he had made about how somebody should take a baseball bat to Howard Lederer’s testicles. Negreanu continued his rant on the former FTP owner by saying that he and the other owners were “scumbags” for not speaking at all about the situation. He finished by saying that Lederer hides out like a “shameful little weasel,” and Full Tilt knew they had no money, yet still took player deposits.

The following week’s video blog contained some more rants on Howard Lederer as well as Chris Ferguson. Negreanu also talked about how Doyle Brunson made a mistake in defending these two in a recent blog post. He went as far as to relate Brunson’s post to the time when Barry Greenstein defended Russ Hamilton after the UB mess.

In any case, it’s nice to have a high-profile pro like Daniel Negreanu ranting against guys like Lederer and Ferguson because of how badly their company mismanaged player funds. Now that we’ve covered all of this, you can see the video blogs below.